Drew Barrymore Finally Explained The Story Behind 2003 Photos With Cameron Diaz

Brittany Rae
Instagram | @drewbarrymore

17 years ago, a lucky paparazzo managed to capture an iconic image: Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, champagne and glasses in hand, walking their way down the street.

After all these years, we finally have an answer.

Drew Barrymore solved a long-standing pop culture mystery.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

And for that, I have to thank her.

Two days into the new year, she took to her awesome Instagram to share the story of how she and Cameron Diaz wound up walking to a movie premiere drinking champagne.

Drew rung in the new year in an adorable way.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

She's been pretty excited for 2020. She even made two custom playlists to celebrate the new year and put them on Spotify for everyone to listen to.

Okay, anyway: onto the story.

It's story time.

"2003 welcomes 2020 (back story on this moment!"

Guys, I am so friggin' ready for this story. I feel like my entire life has been heading towards this moment in time.

She had a really creative idea on how to arrive at a premiere.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"It was the NYC premier of Charlie’s Angels 2 and I had hired an old school bus with Christmas lights and hanging rubber chickens to take us there!"

Sure sure, as you do.

Wait. Hang on.


It is so important to me that we acknowledge how much Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle slapped.

Was it a good movie? No. Was it an amazing movie? Yes. Absolutely yes. Please watch it.

Drew was convinced it would be fun.

Instagram | @camerondiaz

"And I was like 'trust me! This is going to be so fun to show up in!' And then it broke down!"

I can't tell you how much I relate to hyping something up and then having it crash and burn.

They had to hoof it.

Getty Images | Mark Mainz

"Literally 'smoking from the hood' broke. And so we walked the rest of the way."

Okay, the sheer miracle that they both walked that entire way with their heels on? I have no choice but to stan.

And thus, an iconic image was born.

"But not before I grabbed the champers and said 'well this is good too' and off to our fun evening we went. And we’re all still peas in a pod)."

I am so happy.

Instagram | @camerondiaz

This is such a wholesome story. And it's much more satisfying than Paris Hilton's revelation about her, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan's iconic photo — you know, where Paris revealed she hated Lindsay?

Gwyneth Paltrow remembered it well.

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

"This just about it up," she wrote.

Hold up...Drew failed to mention that Gwyneth Freakin' Paltrow was also in this Christmas light chicken truck.

Apparently, Drew, Cameron, and Gwyneth have been tight for years. They're the other other Charlie's Angels, one might say.

Everyone was very into the idea.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"More wine glasses outside in 2020," writer Christina Grasso commented.

Given how 2020 has gone so far, I'm thinking we're all going to need wine glasses for the next year or so.

One eagle-eyed user spotted the shirt.

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

"The infamous 'my boyfriend is out of town' t shirt," they wrote.

"Infamous" only barely covers it. The shirt was a favorite of Drew's, and the iconic nature of the picture only helped elevate the shirt's popularity.

What is this mysterious chicken bus?

Instagram | @111hurley

Okay, I need to know more about this chicken bus. We know that it was in New York, had Christmas lights, rubber chickens, and broke down a lot.

Let me just put that in Google real quick.

And now, I present:

Daniel's Chicken Bus

The chicken bus. Or a chicken bus, at any rate.

Called "Daniel's Chicken Bus" and driven by Daniel himself. He created it after leaving Colombia for New York.

He made it out of love.

Daniel's Chicken bus.

"I missed the colorful, loud, and fun-filled “chivas” that rode from town to town carrying people, gossip, chickens and livestock," he said on his website, which looks like it hasn't been updated since 2003.

(I say that with love!)

'Charlie's Angels' has remained a timeless classic, and thankfully so has the friendship between the three stars.

When Lucy Liu was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, both of the other Angels showed up to support her, with all the girls even sharing sweet Instagram messages to memorialize the occasion.

"CONGRATS LUCY!!" Cameron wrote.



Drew shared her own post too.

"20 years of this tripod!!!!!!! We love each other and support each other. Always will. Congratulations to our girl and her star on the walk of fame," she wrote.

Lucy, of course, also commemorated the moment with her own post.

"Charlie’s Angels reunion!!! 20 years ago were were forming an elite crime fighting team. Thanks to @DrewBarrymore and @CameronDiaz for always being my angels," she wrote.

Honestly, I LOVE that these three are still so close.


Remind me again why we rebooted Charlie's Angels instead of doing a sequel with this cast again?

Oh well. At least we'll always have the original two movies to comfort us.