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Criss Angel Shaves 5-Year-Old Son's Head Amid Cancer Battle

Criss Angel's son has been there for his son as he battles cancer for the second time.

The magician recently shared a video of him shaving 5 1/2-year-old Johnny Crisstopher's head to make his cancer treatments easier.

If you don't know who Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos is, his stage name, "Criss Angel" should ring a bell.

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The 52-year-old is of the most famous magicians in the world, with sold-out shows happening all the time in Las Vegas.

He's brought magic to the big screen as well, with various appearances in movies and television.

He even starred in his own reality TV series, Criss Angel Mindfreak for several years.

Work aside, the magician also has a 51/2-year-old son, Johnny Crisstopher, who he shares with partner Shaunyl Benson.

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In 2015, it was sadly revealed that Johnny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of cancer, when he was just 1-year-old.

When the family received this life-changing diagnosis, Criss said that he felt "helpless."

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“My son is supposed to outlive me. I’d rather it be me that was sick,” Angel said to People at the time.

“I want Johnny’s future to be long and happy. That kid is just a bundle of love. He’s the truest form of magic.”

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Johnny was in remission for three years, starting in June 2016, but it was revealed to TMZ last month that his cancer has come back.

“Johnny Crisstopher — he got diagnosed with pediatric cancer before he was 2 years old — he’s been in treatment for over three years, he’s been in remission,” Angel told the site.

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He also shared that he's been taking his son to do all sorts of fun things before returning to the hospital for chemo treatments.

Since then, both Angel and mom Shaunyl have been sharing updates on their son's cancer journey.

This includes a recent video, posted on New Year's Day, of the family shaving Johnny's head.

“I’m gonna cut Johnny Crisstopher’s hair because of his relapse that he’s been going through,” Angel begins by telling the camera.

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The illusionist leaves the decision entirely up to his son, who has long hair just like him.

“Do you want to keep your hair long and we’ll just let it fall out? And [before] it falls out, we’ll just keep it in a ponytail? Or do you want to cut it off? It’s up to you,” he says.

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After Johnny gives his consent, the video cuts to show both parents, who are also the parents to 11-month old Xristos Yanni, taking turns shaving their young child's head.

“We must embrace what we can’t control with courage, strength and forever love. #CelebrateLife #2020," Angel captioned the post.

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Benson shared the same video on her Instagram page, along with cancer facts as to why the parents deemed it best for Johnny to rock a much shorter 'do in the New Year.

"Over the last few days Johnny Crisstopher’s hair has been falling out in chunks," she began.

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"This time around, we know what to expect. Even though it’s harder than the first time, we know that it’s all part of the battle."

She went on to say that her son's face is "still the most handsome face I’ve ever laid eyes on."

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"One day at a time my love," she wrote. "And before you know it, cancer will only be a small part of your story. The rest is yet to come."

“So beautiful said my love,” Angel wrote in a comment.

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In addition to loving support between these parents, there's been so much love from fans online.

"Prayers and how wonderful that Mommy & Daddy were here to help him through this together," wrote one.

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Celeb pals have also been there for the couple, including Mario Lopez, who has sent his well-wishes.

Despite this major setback in Johnny's health, the family is determined to get through this.

In December, Angel told E! that he knows his son will be in remission again soon.

We're wishing this family all the best!