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Jana Kramer Sparks Divorce Rumors After Cryptic Insta Post Amidst Struggles With Husband's Sex Addiction

Jana Kramer spent a large portion of 2019 opening up about her husband Mike Caussin's sex addiction.

Now, the actress and singer is sparking rumors of divorce after a series of cryptic Instagram posts.

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She has also deleted nearly every photo of Mike from her Instagram that doesn't feature her children.

On New Years Eve, Jana posted a selfie with this caption: "2019. Ur coming to a very interesting end....and for now, all I have to say is...Time heals all wounds."

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"That's not cryptic at all.." one fan commented.

"That scares me a little....everything ok??" commented another.

Jana's next post featured her next to her sleeping daughter ringing in 2020.

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"Someone didn’t make it to midnight ;). And let’s be honest I don’t think I will either. #tired #momlife So I’ll say it now...Happy New Year!!!! 2020, I am SO ready for you!"

Her latest post is a video of her son playing.

"Shake it up, laugh it off, and throw it down like a boss. #2020!"

As mentioned earlier, Jana has deleted all the recent pics of her and Mike.

Instagram | @kramergirl

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