'The Mandalorian' Fans Spotted A Huge Mistake In Episode Four

What? There's no way that they could have possibly noticed a... I can hardly even say it... a mistake in The Mandalorian?

It seems that fans have found one. Darn fans, always ruining shows for everyone else.

Can't fans just see that we're trying to enjoy a property and don't need to have it ruined?

It seems that 'The Mandalorian' has ended.


It was a jam. A masterpiece.

It was the most fun a lot of people have had with Star Wars since the prequels or if you're really cynical, the original trilogy.

And it's perfect!


Some great filmmaking is on display here.

The blend between CGI and practical is awesome, and there's just such an amazing attention to detail, there's no way anyone made mistakes on this series.

Nope! Four episodes in there's already a mistake.


It took people until the series ended to notice it but, believe it, it's there.

But in order to show you this mistake I must warn you:

There will be swears.

So just cover your ears.

Below you see a video of a guy who's going to show you a boom mic dipping in and out of a Mandalorian shot.

Now be warned: this might be annoying because you can't unsee it.