8+ Franchises That Ended In 2019, Ranked

Jeez, I am a cynic.

Alright so this is how it's going to go, folks: we're going to go from the worst final installment in a franchise (whether it be a season or a movie) to, of course, the best.

Be warned: There's a good chance you'll be pissed.

12. 'Rambo: Last Blood'


Did anyone see this movie?

Maybe only men who are the same age as the main character, who are really holding on to their final breaths and dreams of being a similar kind of hero.

11. 'Game Of Thrones: Season 8'


Yeah, you probably could have seen this one coming.

People all over the internet have already agreed this season of the show was worse than Satan, and honestly... there really isn't much more to say.

10. 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'


There's a reason that Fox's X-Universe ended this year, and it isn't just because of Disney.

It was mostly because this movie sucked so much, it essentially killed any chance of the franchise being revived by their new corporate overlords.

9. 'Toy Story 4'


Boy, was this movie bad.

Compared to all the other ones (which were great) this one pales in comparison to the rest of the franchise. At least we won't have to suffer through anymore.

8. 'Series Of Unfortunate Events'


Let me ask the public a question: who was really broken up about this series ending?

Sure there were a few people, but not that many.

7. 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World'


Hey, it was fun, we got some good memes out of it and it was cute.

Did we really need anything else from the end of this franchise? No? Good.

6. 'Gotham'


It's always a shame when a good series has to end. We're going to miss... er... uh... to be honest didn't really care much for Gotham, but I hear their fans can get mean.

5. 'The Big Bang Theory'


It's always a shame when a good series has to end. We're going to miss hearing "Bazinga" every week.

We're going to miss their wacky antics. We're going to miss all of it.

4. 'Glass'


You're lucky you made these movies into a franchise, M. Night. Unbreakable and Split were amazing, so we're sad to see it go.

However, Glass was bad, so we're not that sad.

2. 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'


Over the years, we had to deal with Star Wars coming and going into our lives, sometimes with brilliance and sometimes with mistakes.

The Force Awakens was brilliance, and The Last Jedi was a mistake.

Then came 'The Rise of Skywalker' which was somehow both a masterpiece with a few mistakes here and there.


But all in all, it's sad to see one of our favorite worlds come to an end.

But we're pretty sure it's not the full end of the franchise...

3. 'It: Chapter 2'


Kind of a cop-out (is two movies really a "franchise") but people did buzz about this series a lot, so we're going to count it.

And yeah, both movies were great.

There's no more Captain America...


And possibly, more importantly, Iron Man is also dead.

Phase Four will be a very important time for Marvel. Either establish a cast as likable as the original Avengers... or die.

1. 'Avengers: Endgame'


Yes, I know that the Marvel universe is far from over, but this year marked the end of the Marvel universe the way we've always known it, since the beginning.