10+ Moments Proving 'Game Of Thrones' Was The Best Show Of The Decade

We can all agree that Game Of Thrones was a great series.

Even if it ended on kind of a sour note, it's greatness far exceeds it's less than stellar final season.

So let's explore today all the reasons why Game Of Thrones was the best show of the decade, and end on a positive.

1. When Jaime Lannister Pushes Bran Out Of The Window


In the first episode, you knew what you were getting into with this moment.

There was going to be three things: characters randomly "dying", a lot of sex and some great twists.

2. Ned Stark's Death


In any other TV show, someone would have come at the last minute and saved Ned Stark. Joffrey would have changed his mind and sent him to the dungeon.

This was the moment we realized this wasn't any other show.

3. The Birth Of The Dragons


For seasons we had to wait for these dragons to appear, and this was the moment that started our anticipation.

It also opened up the world to a lot more fantasy than just swords... And ice zombies, I guess.

4. Arya And Tywin's Moments Together


Tywin Lannister is arguably one of the best characters on the show, and this moment was one of his crowning achievements.

The tension in these moments was just so high– does he know she's a Stark?

5. The Battle of the Blackwater


This one was awesome.

It wasn't only the show's first on-screen battle, and don't get me wrong the action was through the roof, but it was the character moments in this battle that really make it.

The Hound abandoning his post, Tyrion becoming the unlikely hero of the day..


Cersei showing how much she loved her children and of course, Tywin coming in to save the day.

6. Daenerys Targaryen Gets The Unsullied


This was one of the best Daenerys moments in the series.

She used her cunning and the fact that so many men underestimated her to get the upper hand here.

7. The Red Wedding


What "Top Game Of Thrones" list would be complete without the series' most shocking moment?

It was at the height of the Stark/Lannister war, and all we could think after was: where do they go from here?

8. Joffrey Dying


We all hated this little... hm... b-word? B-word so darn much.

We were just waiting to see him die... And we got it! It was such a moment of relief.

9. Tyrion Loses It At His Trial


There are a lot of great Tyrion moments throughout the series, most of them are funny, some of them are triumphant but all of them involve him being a pretty smart character.

At this moment, however, it's no smarts and all emotions.


We're proud of him for standing up to the system, but filled with dread because we know he's doomed... or so we thought.

10. The Battle of Castle Black


Another great Battle scene in this series!

It was shot well, the fight choreography was awesome, but the best moment comes when Jon Snow is forced to watch his love Ygritte die in his arms.

11. Jon Snow's Murder


Oh lord, at this point we must have seen this coming! But we didn't, and it was a surprise yet again that one of our favorite characters was dead forever.

I said forever!

12. Hodor's Death


Can we all agree that this was the saddest death?

Like seriously, it's hard to pinpoint a character so universally loved that they just up and killed off. Darn you, showrunners!