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Billie Eilish Calls Out Impersonator In Moscow: 'This Is Not Me, Y'all'

When celebrities have a really unique, distinct look, it ironically makes them easier targets for impersonators and copycats. The less you look like everyone else, the easier it is for people to look distinctly like you.

Ariana Grande found that out earlier this year when a fan impersonating her on TikTok went viral.

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The fan, Paige Niemann, wasn't trying to trick anyone into actually thinking she was Ariana herself, but the resemblance was pretty shocking to see anyway.

Unfortunately for Billie Eilish, her own lookalike popped up in Moscow, and this time she WAS trying to convince fans she was really Billie.

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When a Billie Eilish fan account posted a series of photographs of what they believed to be Billie meeting fans in Moscow, Billie herself had to step in to clear things up.

"This is not me yall lmaooo" she wrote, alongside three facepalming emojis.

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Of course, you could hardly blame her fans for falling for it — whoever this impersonator was, they had on official Billie Eilish merchandise that Billie wears, they had the same green and black hair in some classic Billie-esque space buns, and they even had the same glasses and bandana covering their face that Billie's been seen in too.

Here's another side-by-side to show off just how close the impersonator got it.

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Maybe this person has a good gig ahead of them as a Billie Eilish impersonator, but only so long as they don't try to trick fans into thinking they're the real deal!