Stay With Your Gang In An English Countryside Castle For Under $100 A Night

Everyone's idea of a weekend getaway is different. Most people head to Nashville or New Orleans for bachelorette parties, and many people stuff their cars to head to a cottage up north for a weekend.

For your next friend getaway, you might want to consider staying in a castle in England's countryside.

For under $100 a night, you could stay at this full-blown castle in Devon, England.


Talk about a weekend getaway to remember!

While the castle originally goes for around $545 a night, if you bring 7 more friends, it will cost around just $68 each.

Tawstock Castle may be from the 18th century, but it sure has a modern feel.


You don't have to worry about there being zero electricity or even hot water. Save those candlesticks for a rainy day, okay?

It's complete with four bedrooms, three baths, a kitchen, entertainment space, and most importantly wifi.

The cozy castle sits on one acre of lawned gardens within a bailey, or an enclosed walled area (I just learned what that is!). Just check out how magnificent the property is!


I feel like a queen just looking at it.

According to the HomeAway listing, guests will also be able to get a great view of the rolling countryside that all of our English dreams are made of.

It's not hard to feel like royalty while staying at something so picturesque.


I just hope it's not haunted...

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