'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Reportedly Crossing Over With 'X-Men' World

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will soon be coming to us in Fall 2020, and until then, all we can do is come up with theories and wait for new set photos to be leaked.

Luckily, that has happened! And we are very excited to see where the show may be going!

The Falcon and the Winter Solider are getting their own show, and the title of that show? Simply their names.


It will follow their adventures after Endgame.

However, recently, a leaked set photo showed that the characters would be making their way to a place called Madripoor.

Madripoor is actually a very important location in Marvel comics, but especially for the X-Men.


It's a very important location that has to do with Wolverine, and the storyline came about in the 1980s.

At one point, the country of Madripoor was run by his tyrant son, Daken.

So, would it be too much to hope that a new (or perhaps the familiar face of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine) would interact with the duo?


After all, Wolverine did fight alongside Captain America during WWII.

So Bucky may even recognize him from his past--even though we never saw it in the MCU. There's always time to fix it.

However, Madripoor will probably serve as a HYDRA outpost.


Helmut Zemo is returning to the MCU through the show, and we know that in the comics, Madripoor was once a base for HYDRA.

But it's still possible that we can be introduced to some X-Men or other mutants in that country!