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Raspberry Crème Kit Kats Are About To Make Valentine's Day A Whole Lot Sweeter

Consider 2020 the Year of the Kit Kat. As if releasing 5 fresh flavors wasn't enough, now the chocolate bar confectioner is releasing a super sweet limited edition flavor for Valentine's Day.

While the folks over at the Kit Kat headquarters haven't made the official announcement, multiple food blogging sources have found bags of the company's new Raspberry Crème flavor in stores.

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JunkBanter found this bag at a Stop & Shop, and other Instagrammers have found them at Walmart and multiple pharmacies.

The bags are pink and have hearts all over them, so we can all make a pretty confident educated guess that these are a Valentine's Day treat.

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The chocolate coating is also a festive rosy pink for the occasion.

CandyHunting gave these an 8/10, despite the raspberry flavor tasting quite artificial.

So if you like your candy bar more on the sweeter side, then you'll most likely really enjoy these!

Of course, this flavor isn't super new. We all know Japanese Kit Kats have been killing the flavored candy bar game for quite some time now, so of course they already had this flavor as part of their massive flavor lineup.

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Now we don't have to go to Japan to try interesting flavors!

Although, it would still be a great excuse...

Christmas literally JUST ended, but it doesn't mean we have to give up our sweet tooth for the new year!

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Which Kit Kat flavor are you most excited for in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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