Woman Learns Her Secret Santa Gift Was Below The Spending Limit And Demands More

Secret Santa gift exchanges aren't perfect, especially the ones that take place at the office.

Maybe you end up with a coworker you know nothing about; maybe no one can agree on what this year's spending cap should be; and maybe you just wish your own Secret Santa would have gotten you a simple gift card instead of some bizarre $20 trinket from Spencer's.

One woman recently partook in an office gift exchange, but when she learned that her S.S. present came in below budget, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The dissatisfied woman in question sent a text message to her Secret Santa after doing a little investigating.

Posted on Reddit, her co-worker decided to share the screenshots of this woman's dramatic text meltdown so the world could see just how ridiculous and very un-Christmas-like this humbug of a woman quickly became.

At first, things seemed pretty normal as the two chatted about their gift exchange.

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The woman texted her co-worker (AKA, her Secret Santa) to thank them for the blanket and chocolates she had received.

But things soon took a weird turn.

As it turns out, the woman had done a little digging and figured out her Secret Santa gift was below the spending limit.

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To her co-worker's credit, they took the woman's complaint in stride and even offered to just give her $20 in order to meet the gift exchange's cap.

And we really shouldn't understate how important the word "cap" is here.

After all, exchanges like these tend to have that number in place for a reason.

And for whoever needs to hear this, it's not meant as a goal, but rather a limit to keep people from spending too much.

Although she was offered her $20 compensation, this woman had something a little *bigger* in mind.

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A $120 tablet, to be exact. Because although she had a problem with this co-worker spending below the limit, she had absolutely no issue with that person going over.

Understandably, her Secret Santa wasn't exactly willing to drop $120 on their *co-worker*.

While some of us might have a more intense reaction, they made sure to keep things light with a gentle reminder that this request is a little overboard.

This whole conversation really should have ended there, but somehow it didn't.

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The woman was convinced that as a mother, she's entitled to a $120 tablet because she would then re-gift it to her own children and "make their day."

If you're already fuming, just wait because it definitely gets worse.

The woman began to plea her case.

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First, the woman insists her co-worker could afford such a lavish gift because they're an engineer. She then also offers to simply take $120 in cash.

Yes, it's such a generous offer, isn't it?

When that shockingly doesn't work out, the woman gets pretty upset when she learns she won't be getting that pricey tablet.

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In fact, she slams her Secret Santa for their decision to keep their $120 and calls them "disgusting."

In the end, the woman decided she would just take her coworker's initial offer of $20 after all.

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But suffice it to say, it was more than just a little too late for that.

After that wild ride of a text exchange, all I can say is I hope this office learns from this particular season of Secret Santa.

Maybe it's best to ditch the tradition come next Christmas, or at least lower the cap.

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I also hope these two co-workers don't work in close proximity to one another or that will make for quite the awkward office environment.

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