Study Finds Moms Only Get Around 30 Minutes Of 'Me Time' A Day

A study has found that the average parent only gets about 30 minutes of precious "me time" every day, which means there was definitely a real reason why our moms had such short tempers when we were kids — they just never stop.

According to New York Post, the food delivery service Munchery conducted the survey and found that our beloved parents are suffering from a severe lack of alone time each and every day.

Munchery revealed that our moms and dads really only get 32 minutes to themselves out of a possible 24 hours.


And if we're being honest, I think we can all agree our dear-old-dads usually spend that long in the bathroom, whereas moms are lucky if they can sit on the toilet for a minute without a kid interrupting their one and only chance for peace and quiet.

To come to this conclusion, Munchery examined the day-to-day lives of 2,000 U.S. parents.

What the service's researchers found was that 32 percent of moms and dads studied don't even stop "working" until 8 PM when you factor in their duties as parents. That amounts to about an 18-hour workday. Yikes.

After a long day of tending to their children, as well as dealing with their professional responsibilities, researchers found that parents are usually left with around 32 minutes of "me time". Which definitely doesn't sound like nearly enough.

Oh, and if things were bad enough, the study found that this sort of hectic schedule usually results in poor diet as well.

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88 percent of parents said they're usually too busy to make home-cooked meals, while another 96 percent said being too busy compels them to indulge in less healthy foods, usually takeout.

Sometimes, a tight schedule can even lead to parents missing out on meals altogether. The study found that the average parent skips around 227 proper meals a year.

Munchery CEO James Beriker said the company is dedicated to fixing this serious healthy-eating issue for families.

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“We recognize that parents can’t always carve out an hour of their day to cook a meal from scratch," he told New York Post. "Our focus at Munchery is not to replace home cooking, but to provide our customers with a delicious, handcrafted dinner when they can’t or don’t want to cook — leaving them with more free time to focus on what really matters.”

Honestly, after everything this study has revealed, I'd say parents can use all the time-savers they can get.

h/t: New York Post

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