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Devoted Grandpa Buys Yellow School Bus So He Can Drive His 10 Grandkids To School

One grandpa has gone above and beyond for his grandkids this Christmas by purchasing a big yellow bus in order to be able to drive all 10 youngsters to school every morning, Scary Mommy reported.

Doug Hayes of Gladstone, Oregon, surprised his grandkids with their new means of getting to and from school just days before Christmas.

Half of Hayes' grandkids attend Paideia Classical Christian School which doesn't have its own school buses.

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That means parents and guardians are tasked with picking up and dropping off the students every single day.

"The kids have always said, ‘Gee whiz, I like our school, but we would like to be able to have a school bus,'” Hayes told CNN.

His wife, Amy, had previously asked her husband if he had any major goals in life he wanted to accomplish.

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"I want a bus so I can go around every morning, pick up all the grandkids, and drive them to school before I go to work,” he told his wife, according to Scary Mommy. “Just a small bus. We’d sing songs, talk, and it would be something unforgettable they did with their grandfather. If money were no object, I’d want a bus.”

Hayes lives just a few miles from the kid's private school, so he decided he'd be the perfect driver for them.

Recognizing the need for a reliable means of transportation, Hayes set out to give his grand kids just that.

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And that's how he ultimately ended up purchasing the half-sized yellow school bus, which he has since lovingly dubbed the "Grandfather Express."

“When they saw it, they were just ecstatic," he said.

The "Grandfather Express" is quite possibly the most perfect bus Hayes could have found to suit his needs.

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The bus came pre-decorated with magnets and numbers on the ceiling to keep the kiddos occupied. And for added safety, Hayes made sure to install seat belts to each of the seats.

Amy posted a video online of the touching moment the kids first laid eyes on their brand new school shuttle.

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Check it out on her Facebook page here.

Although half of the grandkids aren't in school yet, Hayes said he plans on using the "Grandfather Express" once they come of age, a decision which his wife is fully in support of.

“The heart of this gift was for my husband to impact the next generation by giving them wonderful memories of spending time together, every day,” Amy said.

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