Fans Want Keanu Reeves To Play Mr. Sinister In Next 'X-Men' Film And There's Already Artwork

What? No. I refused to believe that there is a soul on planet Earth (Earth, mind you, being a planet of sometimes rational human beings) that wants to see Mr. Sinister in a movie.

Isn't that the villain they let Deadpool humiliate in the Deadpool video game? Yeah, we're really going to take him seriously.

So this is old news but the X-Men have finally joined the MCU!


With Marvel's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Sony is the only thing that stands between them and world domination.

Er, I mean, owning the entire Marvel comics universe.

But that has left fans with a question...


What will the first MCU X-Men movie look like? What will be the time period? Which X-Men will be involved?

And most importantly, who will be the villain, besides Magneto?

Well, some fans have an idea.


Another popular thing these days is Keanu Reeves. So why not combine the two and have Keanu Reeves play a villain in the X-Men universe?

Why not a villain like... ugh... Mr. Sinister (awful name).

Here's a picture:

And now that I've seen it... Yeah, you know what, maybe this could work.

Maybe we could have a low-rate villain become cool. Hey, it worked for Guardians Of The Galaxy!