'Lucifer' Star Gives Heartfelt Message To Fans Before Final Season Airs

Lucifer is the show that came back to life when we thought Fox had successfully axed it.

Netflix, thankfully, came to the rescue, but the show will have to come to an end anyhow. The show will return in 2020 for one final ride with the fans.

There are a lot of great shows on TV.


The Witcher is one of the newest answers to the question "what should I spend the next 22- 60 minutes on?" and there are so many more answers to that question.

Whether it be on cable, network or even streaming services.


We have lots of different options for what we can watch these days.

We certainly have come a long way since the days of having 5 channels, where every show was probably terrible.

And it's good we have so much to watch considering all the great TV shows that unfortunately ended this year.


We lost so many good ones, from The Big Bang Theory to the powerhouse that was Tuca and Bertie.

And there are so many more that have been announced to be ending soon.


Take Lucifer, for example.

The comic by Neil Gaiman was a massive hit, in which Lucifer was a charming and sophisticated man. It was so easy to fall for him.

But now that it's a TV show, arguably, things have gotten even better.


We've gotten great moments delivered by an even better cast, written by a talented group of writers who translated the comics to the small screen.

But alas, as previously stated, the show is coming to an end.


So grab your tissues, Lucifer fans.

In fact, head out to your local drug store and buy more than you thought you would originally need, because...

'Lucifer' will be returning for its last season with season 5.


It will be split into two halves (just to make it last a little longer for us), and will probably continue to blow our minds.

One of the stars is taking it just as hard as we are, and got emotional talking about it.

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Dan Espinoza, spoke to Digital Spy about the show ending, and got super emotional about it.


"Our fans are the only reason our show works. It's incredible to see the different ways people connect to our stories. Even though Lucifer is based on heightened situations, its core is very human."

"We deal with genuine emotional battles which anyone can relate to."


"It's very touching to witness the warm embrace our fans throw around our show, and we are honored to have such a strong connection with them."

"We all love the work we get to do on this show."


"We see the end and are working diligently to give our fans the finale they all hope for. We are extremely grateful for the way our fans stepped up to the plate to save Lucifer," he said.

Goodness, I'm just as emotional as he is!

He continued to talk about all the friends he made on the show:


"I am fortunate to have landed on a show that we all love. The relationships we have made make the experience so much more enjoyable."

And there's more, so get ready..


"I can truly say I've never experienced what we have on any other project. It makes it difficult sometimes to realize our inevitable end is near."

"However, it's great that we now have the opportunity to end our show with a bang."


And hopefully, it'll make it feel like this was indeed a show worth saving.

Those are some great parting words, and it makes you feel all fuzzy inside about the show you just watched.


The moments you and the actors shared, you and all your fellow fans shared.

The ups, the downs, the smiles, the frowns.

You'll have to find another show to invest your heart and soul into.


Another show to get you excited on the bus, train, or car ride home from work.

It's the only way to fill the void that Lucifer will leave behind.