'Grey’s Anatomy' Returns January 23rd

Grey's Anatomy season 16 started this year on a high note and ended on November 21st on a high note (and also in high suspense), essentially leaving fans frothing at the mouth for more.

Luckily, they won't have to wait that much longer since it will be coming back January 23rd!

Be warned lovers of 'Anatomy'!


The show is coming back, but with a new slot, so make sure you mark that down in your agenda.

The show is moving from 8 p.m. ET to 9 p.m. on ABC.

While this might mean you have to stay up an hour longer than you wanted, it's all for a good cause.


The later the show, the more lenient the showrunners and scriptwriters can get with the show.

Which means even more drama and maybe even some scenes that we wouldn't normally see!

The show returns on the 23rd with a massive two hour crossover event!

It is crossing over with the season 3 premiere of Station 19.

So that means that whatever is going to happen will have enough consequences that will impact all the characters on both shows.

The 'Grey's Anatomy' twitter account released a short promo of the crossover.

What are you hoping to happen? Do you have any fan theories?

Let us know below in the comments!