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The Rock Surprised His Sister-In-Law With A Car This Christmas: 'We Love You, Sis'

The holidays are always a special time of year, but they've got to be just that little bit more special when someone in your family is super famous and super rich.

Especially if they're a super famous, super rich, and super generous person like The Rock.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a known extravagant gifter around the holidays.

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His gift of choice is usually cars, too. He's gotten one for his mother, his cousin, his stunt man, his father... it must be the first thing on his gift idea list, and I'm sure none of these people complained.

This year, the gift of a new ride went to Aja Hashan, his new sister-in-law.

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The Rock married Aja's sister, Lauren Hashan, this summer in a gorgeous Hawaiian wedding, and now that they're legally family it looks like The Rock wanted to make sure Aja got the gift of family too.

"This Christmas surprise felt good," The Rock wrote on Instagram next to the video of the big reveal.

Instagram | @therock

"Merry Christmas to my sister in law, @aja_elan for simply being the most loving, supportive and coolest human we could ever ask for, from day 1," he wrote.

"Enjoy your new ride with good mana and love."

"Merry Christmas! We’re grateful and we love you sis," he wrote, signing the post off from, "Dwanta🎅🏾, @laurenhashianofficial and your Johnson ohana."