There's A New Theory About Violet's Name From 'The Incredibles,' And No Effing Way

Here I was, minding my own business, thinking that there couldn't possibly be anything that would shock my current knowledge of The Incredibles. I was so very wrong.

The internet is a wacky place, and thankfully, the people on it are super sleuths that come up with viable theories to shake us to our very core.

We all know Violet, yes? The eldest of the Parr children? Descendant of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl? Has a bit of an attitude problem but it's really just teen angst?

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We've all been there. I dyed a red streak into my hair during my ride through adolescence.

Like her younger brothers, Violet was #Blessed with some superpowers of her own. She has the ability to make herself invisible and also create protective force bubbles. 

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Previously, we thought that Violet's name didn't have a lot of meaning. This wouldn't be much of a surprise seeing as her parents have their superhero names and real-people names.

I don't think you can just go around having the name Elastigirl and not expect people to ask questions.

We figured Dash was cleverly named for his super speed, and that was it. 

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No, we're not going to get into how these kids were named when they were born and how the parents would know what their superpowers were. Move along.

People have also figured out that Jack-Jack's name reflects his many powers, which make him a jack of all trades. 

This baby has approximately 17 superpowers, and I want to be Jack-Jack when I grow up.

Some have concluded that Violet's name not only resembles the color of her force fields, but others have also pointed out that when she is invisible, "she is only reflecting ultraviolet light and therefore coloring herself ultraviolet."

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This particular theory also explains why "Edna Mode with all her sci-fi technology can replicate the effect in her suit."

I always wondered how this woman managed to turn a suit invisible, and now I know.

Alright. We're impressed. However, someone recently discovered that the meaning behind Violet's name is way more impressive than we all thought.

A genius has realized that Elastigirl's original super suit is partly red. Mr. Incredible's suit is blue. Anyone who passed kindergarten art can figure out what color you get when you mix blue and red. 

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They totally hinted at their child's name in the opening scene of the first movie.

I hope no one was drinking water when they read this shocking discovery.

The theories don't end there. Another states that "her name is a reference to a ‘shrinking violet’ which is an extremely shy person."

Before she gained a little bit of confidence, this definitely described Violet perfectly.

Clearly, we should have been digging deeper into the reasoning behind Violet's name. We shall now dedicate our lives to symbolism. 

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Note to self: Everything means something in Disney movies.