15+ Trending Pics That Give You A Fresh Look At The World

As you sit on the same old couch in the same old room, looking at that same old phone, you might feel like taking a new look at the world. Fortunately, that same old phone can be your portal.

Please don't break the windows.

Reddit | D0NW0N

Apparently some newer Teslas have a feature that would seem to be a no-brainer, but isn't commonly found in cars: a pet comfort setting, along with a notification for anyone who's looking in.

Labor of love.

Reddit | anackom

For homeless people, the winter months can be deadly. This woman spends all year lovingly knitting these hats. Then, when the cold season starts, she donates all of them to her local shelter.

If you find a good barber, stick with them.

Reddit | Palifaith

Both men in these pics have changed a lot over the years. But despite the fact that there's less and less hair to actually cut, this man still goes to the same hairstylist he's been seeing for decades.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Reddit | badboyballu

It isn't a throne, per se, but the message is abundantly clear. Protesters in Iraq, sick of an ineffectual government, took over the government buildings and sat on the plush chairs of those disappointing politicians.

It belongs in a museum!

Reddit | HeadbangerNeckInjury

We all know that some dinosaurs were pretty big, but this provides some helpful scale. If this was just a dinosaur's thigh bone, how freakin' big was the whole dinosaur?

Customers knead this view.

Reddit | james_rae

When you walk into a bakery, you want to know that the bread is made fresh on site. At this particular bakery, customers get a top-down view of how the bread is made thanks to this window/floor.

Scorching heat.

Reddit | Geng68

It's easy to forget that Christmas is a summer holiday in the southern hemisphere. In Australia, fire crews have been battling raging forest fires in the midst of record-breaking heat.

The tumbling tumbleweed.

Reddit | kevincennis

Tumbleweed is designed to tumble and roll pretty much indefinitely until it's stopped by a barrier. Sometimes, it piles up at a fence. Other times, it pretty much buries people's houses.

Literally a fresh look at the world.

Reddit | illichian

Astronaut Jessica Meir, who's currently aboard the International Space Station, wanted to wish us earthlings a happy Hanukkah, so she posted this incredible photo of her holiday socks looking down at our planet.

What a beautiful galaxy.

Reddit | Smitherum

What looks like an artistic take on space, or maybe a soothing desktop wallpaper, is actually just the inside of a carwash. This is that foamy purple soap that gets sprayed on the windshield.

It takes guts.

Reddit | St0pX

This teacher wanted to help her students understand the body's internal workings, so she went the extra mile and wore this bodysuit to class. It's definitely a unique way to help kids learn.

When the map glitches.


A light layer of fog, seen from above, makes it look like this plane is flying over a patch of ground that hasn't rendered properly. Hopefully the folks below don't know that they're living in low-poly land.

Perfect timing.

Reddit | deabeatdad

Breaking a glass bottle is a pointless act, but when you can get a perfect pic like this, you almost have to do it. Let's just hope this guy cleaned up the mess after.

Before the fall.

Reddit | c_ryptales

The fire, and subsequent collapse, of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris made headlines in 2019. Just before the roof caved in, molten lead could be seen falling into the nave below. It's beautiful, in a way.

Cats are jerks.

Reddit | IansjonesPGH

Yeah, cats love to steal food. Putting the frustration aside, just look at this piece of cheese. You can definitely see how a cat's sandpapery tongue has worn it down.

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.


Somehow, a poof bug got stuck in between the printer and the pillowcase. Sucks to be that bug, unless it was a mosquito. In that case, I'm glad it's dead.

Cryogenically frozen.

Reddit | Reverie05

The aftermath of an ice storm provides awesome fodder for photographers, as everything is coated in a layer of ice. This berry has been totally, almost lovingly, encased in ice.

But how?

Reddit | TheGaelicBeagle

I know that light refraction and angles and all that can play a role in how a shadow looks, but this one breaks my brain. How has this ball become uncoiled in its shadow form?

A First And Thirteenth Christmas Together

Reddit | psa115

Though a lot of things change in thirteen years, this pair's friendship sure hasn't.

Neat And Tide-y

Reddit | captainhowdy27

This ocean waves coffee table is one of the coolest furniture pieces I've ever seen. Though I can't imagine how many paper towels one would need to dry off the thing.

All Aboard the Grandfather Express!

Reddit | Butterfly504

This man purchased a yellow schoolbus so that he could give his grandchildren a proper ride to school every day. You know, so they don't have to go uphill both ways through a snowstorm.

Who's Who In The ICU

Reddit | Cheesestrings89

This ICU nurse decorated her hair for Christmas in an attempt to cheer up her patients. Their hearts didn't grow three sizes or anything though, cause that would be like, a problem.

First Family Christmas

Reddit | PrincessMiaMoo

"I'm an orphan from Romania and I recently got adopted by a Canadian family," this Reddit user wrote, "Here we are together. I'm in the middle."

It's The Thought That Counts

Reddit | Dunham1409

This person didn't have much money to spend for Christmas this year, so he managed to find a $10 frame at Michael's and scavenged up the rest of the materials to make a family portrait for his sister.

Real Life Rapunzel

Reddit | St0pX

"Ukrainian Alyona Kravchenko from Odessa has been growing her hair since she was five years old," this post reads, "She is now 34 years old, and she can boast a hair 1.8 meters long."

An Impressive Stack

Reddit | jtaylor822

This person explained on Reddit that two years ago, they stopped drinking and began reading instead. These are all of the books they've read since then.

A Rare Sight

Reddit | loluser2296

This shot showcases an astonishing pattern of clouds above the I-90 in the Berkshire Mountains, MA.

Treasures That Will Last Forever

Reddit | toebeanbindery

"I make wooden books," this Reddit user shares, "This is a solid oak exposed spine sewing sketching journal and notebook. The pages are sewn onto leather straps that are anchored to the boards with brass binding posts. The wood is stained with a homemade iron acetate solution."

An Ancient Relic

Reddit | unknown_human

Though this Levi's look like they're only a few years old, they've actually been in a goldmine for 136 years!

You think it's cold in the house? Think again.

Reddit | Mikehuntpunt91

This is firefighter Bobby Lehman with his helmet & bunker gear caked in ice, trying to thaw out after battling a stubborn, wind-driven house fire in Nahant, Massachusetts.

Can you tell the difference?

Reddit | SourGummySnacks

This person managed to find a textile artist who made him the exact Christmas sweater that the little boy wore in the movie The Shining. Understandably, it was his favorite gift.

A Sweet Surprise

Reddit | Mile_Marker_Twenty

"Christmas gift for my uncle who is blind," this Reddit user writes, "He was able to play my family’s favorite game without someone helping him. Thank you Uno!"

Life Imitates Art

Reddit | St0pX

This landscape embroidery has gone viral for good reason. The perspective is incredible!

First Steps

Reddit | absee

For mental health reasons, this person had not swept their bedroom floor for an entire year. However, they decided to photograph the breaking of a cycle.

This isn't a painting.

Reddit | poorlywrappedburrito

This is actually just an iceberg flipped upside down, colored deep blue from the cold water.

Size Comparison

Reddit | SirWilliamTheEpic

"Wolf sanctuary in Colorado," this Reddit user wrote, "I had no idea how huge wolves were until I saw one in person."


Reddit | squidnezy

"My grandmama just passed away and we found the hospital bill of when she had my aunt in 1957," this person writes, "Insurance paid $100 so they ended up paying $2.95 for having a baby."

Like us.

Reddit | tronx69

Gorillas look just different enough from humans that it's easy to forget they're among our closest relatives. But this gorilla paw with vitiligo (pigment loss) looks almost like a human hand.

Eye spy.

Reddit | CrazyQueen502

Everyone's eyes are subtly unique, but some people have peepers that stand out from the norm. This person doesn't know why they have a stripe on their iris, but it's a distinctive look nonetheless.

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