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Adorable Rescue Kitty Is Named Bowie For His Different-Colored Eyes

One special cat from Alicante, Spain is has become a meows-hold name (get it? like household name? I'll leave) for his likeness to the late David Bowie, who is also his namesake.

Bowie the cat was found on the streets of Spain in 2018.

Instagram | @bowie_the_cat

He was taken in by a local veterinarian's office where he lived until he was adopted by Maria Lloret.

Bowie the cat is described by his mom as "sweet and sassy, with a passion for 'turning it on' for the camera."

Like the real David Bowie, this cat has a genetic condition called heterochromia.

Heterochromia causes coloration differences in one's eye and skin pigment, usually resulting in different colored eyes. When Lloret saw the cat's striking coloration, she instantly knew that his name had to be Bowie.

Since Bowie's adoption, his mom has been posting photos of him online to share with the world.

Instagram | @bowie_the_cat

She translates each post into English and Spanish, and frequently uses her social media posts to advocate for animal adoption.

Bowie the cat is certainly one-of-a-kind.

Instagram | @bowie_the_cat

With a face like that, it's no wonder why he's famous.

h/t: Cole And Marmalade