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Jana Kramer Shares 'Vulnerable' Pic With Husband Amidst Struggle With His Sex Addiction

Jana Kramer is often praised for her vulnerability and openness in regards to the struggles in her marriage with husband Mike Caussin.

Mike has opened up about his sex addiction on their podcast "Whine Down" as well as during television interviews.

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Mike has revealed he was unfaithful to Jana after they were married and while she was pregnant with their first child.

During an interview with Tamron Hall back in September, the couple reflected on Mike's infidelities since tying the knot back in 2015.

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Jana recalled the moment she first found out her husband had been unfaithful, saying "We had just celebrated a year and had a daughter who was 5-months-old."

Jana admitted it's hard to reflect on her first pregnancy knowing her husband was being unfaithful at the time.

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"And it’s still real hard to look back on those memories because to me, they were real, but how were they real when you were doing this?"

Mike went on to explain his addiction: "I use sex for the same reasons that someone drinks, for the same reasons someone uses drugs."

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"I used sex as my outlet."

He continued, "Why am I unhappy, when I had what I always thought I wanted to have… we were like the white picket fence, dogs, kids, beautiful wife and I was still doing things and living this other life that was throwing it all away."

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The couple refuses to disclose how many women Mike has slept with. “That’s one of the, the only detail we’ve kept to ourselves privately,” he confirmed.

"The thing is, whether it’s once or a thousand, it doesn’t matter," Mike explained.

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"I still committed those acts, I still caused pain and a rift in our relationship and hurt the woman that I loved, the damage has already been done."

However, the couple has made it their mission to move on from Mike's infidelities.

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But as Jana often says on their podcast and during interviews, moving on can be hard to do.

In Jana's latest Insta post, she gets real with her followers and discusses the difficult day she and Mike had endured.

"So...If I’m being honest...this photo isn’t real life right now. Today was a tough couples therapy session," she started.

"Nothing big happened, just a lot of feelings that were held in and damn did they come out today," she continued.

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"Today also our whine down tickets went on sale and I needed to post a photo to let all of you know and I battled with what photo because I didn’t want to put up something fake."

"So though it shows us smiling right now I wanted to be honest and say yup marriage can be hard and it takes a lot of hard work," she continued.

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"And even after the tough session Mike and I said our I love you’s because at the end of the day the love is always there."

The comments were filled with support and praise for Jana's honesty.

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"I love how real you are. Stay true to you, girl!" one fan wrote.

"Always oh so proud of you and your vulnerability!" wrote another.

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