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10+ Movies That Didn't Age Well

These are the movies that over time have... well, they haven't got better over time.

Whether it be because they have outdated ideas, or maybe use insults that aren't politically correct these days, these are all the movies that haven't aged well since the day we saw them for the first time.

1. 'Hackers'


It's not that the hacking looks ridiculous in this movie, it's that this movie that came out in 1995 was just left behind by tech.

That's it. Now everything looks old and crappy.

It literally did not age well.

2. 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'

Warner Bros.

While most of this movie is still pretty darn funny, the twist at the end may offend a couple of your trans friends.

Remember what he does when he finds out he kissed a trans person? Yeah.

3. 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'


Yeah sure, you might have the poster of Audrey Hepburn up on your wall, that doesn't mean all her movies were perfect.

Remember Mr. Yunioshi? He was a typical stereotype of an Asian man, and it was awful.

4. 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom'


You could argue that it's just a sect (a cultish, evil sect) of Hindu radicals in this movie, sure.

But the movie doesn't say that. It presents the strange rituals as part of the religion.

5. 'Gone with the Wind'


Even in the '30s (when this movie came out) people were talking about how the black stereotypes portrayed in the film didn't age all that well.

Imagine what people would think now.

6. 'American Beauty'


There are a couple of reasons why this movie didn't age well.

For starters, it's about an older man lusting after his daughter's high school friend. Uh... what? Can you say: creepy?

And, of course, you can't ignore the Kevin Spacey scandals when you watch this movie.


Wasn't he accused of trying to have sex with underage boys?

Didn't this movie win an Oscar?

7. 'Dumbo'


It's a pretty good, pretty standard Disney film to start... and then you get to the crows. Oh no, not the crows! Please, anything but the crows!

Just cut that part out and it's a good movie.

8. 'Grease'


There's one part of Grease that really stands out in people's minds when they think: "didn't age well":

"Tell me more, tell me more

Was it love at first sight?

Tell me more, tell me more

Did she put up a fight?"


9. 'Revenge of the Nerds'


There's a scene in this movie where a nerd gets back at a jock by having sex with his girlfriend.

It seems alright until you realize the girlfriend thought she was having sex with the jock the whole time.

Pretty sure that's sexual assault.

10. 'Braveheart'


It's not that Braveheart is a bad movie, and this isn't about the dumb comments Mel Gibson has made in the past.

It's about all the dumb goofs this movie made.

Like there's this one scene where a guy is wearing a baseball cap.


There's one scene where there's a car in the background. At one point, a guy is wielding a plastic ax.

Didn't this movie win an Oscar? How?!

11. 'Manhattan'


Listen, if American Beauty makes the list, then Manhattan has to make it for the same reasons.

Did you know Woody Allen is supposed to be 42 in this movie and his love interest is a 17-year-old high school student? Yup, no thanks.

12. 'Animal House'


How many bros have we had to suffer throughout the years thanks to this movie?

This movie is just a long show of homophobia, jokes about sexual assault, and non-stop racism.

13. 'Crash'


Ever since it's release in 2004, people have been kind of down on this movie.

Mostly because it lacks subtlety, especially when it comes to the movie's primary subject: people of different ethnicities coming together.

14. 'Avatar'


Why has this movie aged poorly? Well, mostly because not a soul has talked about it positively since it came out.

The only thing it had going for it was the fact that it was the highest-grossing movie of all time...

And since then, it's been surpassed by many others.


And honestly, was this movie even that great? Are the visuals as stunning, here in (almost) 2020? No, not really.

The plot was basically just another version of Pochantonas.

15. 'Garden State'

Four words as to why this movie has become a joke since its release: Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Ever since the internet started passing around that phrase, this movie has been the poster child for it.

16. 'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves'


There are a couple of things wrong with this movie. 1) It's way too freaking long. In 143 minutes, not much really happens.

And everyone has already made accent jokes, so I won't make them hére.

17. 'Crocodile Dundee'


Sorry, Crocodile, but I have to hate on you here.

Sure, the movie might be a classic, but the jokes are so bad, and just have no relevance to today's age. Not its fault, but it definitely wasn't thinking ahead.

18. 'The Flintstones'


We had yet to learn that turning an animated TV show into a live-action movie didn't work, but this is one of the best examples of it.

This movie stinks.

19. 'Dances With Wolves'


Yeah, there's a special place in hell for all the "white savior" movies Hollywood has produced.

This movie is the epitome of white savior movies... and you '90s people gave it an Oscar!

20. 'Driving Miss Daisy'


The problem with this movie is that they took too light of an approach to race-related issues.

In this age of cynicism, we want our movies to be harder and more introspective.

21. 'Lawnmower Man'


This movie was supposed to be serious. Yes, this movie was supposed to teach us the dangers of virtual reality.

Oh, the '90s. What a time. Ultimately we learned nothing from this movie.

22. 'Blank Check'


Remember the part in this movie where the 40-year-old woman kisses a 10-year-old boy?

This is definitely one of the most inappropriate and weirdest movies ever.

23. 'Chasing Amy'


Oh lord, this movie is hard to think about. The whole premise is this guy who thinks he can turn a lesbian straight.

There's a whole mess of homophobia and slut-shaming in this train wreck.

24. 'She's All That'


Does anyone else remember that weird, choreographed dance scene in this movie?

Or did we all collectively block it from our minds? Probably the latter, because some people still like this movie.

25. 'Spawn'


Listen, I know it was the '90s and you have to have some leniency, but the CGI in this movie was bad.

Bad, bad, bad, bad. Like, PS1 era bad. We'll give them a passing grade for effort though.

26. 'Roger & Me'


It's not the film that has aged poorly, but rather the film's star.

Back in the day, Michael Moore was considered a liberal hero. Nowadays, he's just considered an annoyance.

27. 'Big'


You might not think this movie is offensive, but all you're seeing is Tom Hanks playing songs on a big piano.

But if you look deeper, it's about a 12-year-old trying to trick older women into having sex with him.

28. 'American Pie'


We have an entire article about why American Pie hasn't aged well and honestly if you've seen the movie recently you can probably guess as to why.

In short, it's basically about objectifying women.

29. 'Mrs. Doubtfire'


Yeah, I said it.

Robin Williams' character in this movie sucks. He breaks the law and so many boundaries on so many levels.

"But it was to see his kids" I hear you cry.

This is psychopath stuff. If this happened in real life, you know you'd be terrified.