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Tori Roloff Shows Off Rare Family Christmas Photos With Lilah

Well, it's nice to see that the family is getting along well. It's hard enough to start a family when you have achondroplasia, let alone maintain a happy and healthy one.

And yet, Tori and Zach managed to keep it all together.

They are both truly an inspiration to us all.

Let's talk quickly about the people in 'Little People, Big World'


One of those shows on TLC that follows the life of people who are a bit different to your average person.

Whether they be 600 pounds, have two heads or...

Whether they have Dwarfism.


But today you're going to see that Zach Roloff, one of the stars of the show, doesn't let his dwarfism slow him down.

Not in life and especially not when it comes to being a father.

Here, we see the first Christmas photo the Roloffs have taken with their new baby daughter.

Her name is Lilah, and we just can't get over how adorable this family is.

The couple, Zach and Tori Roloff have welcomed their second child into the world recently.

Their first being Jackson Kyle.

And here are some more photos of the family getting a Christmas tree.

How cute is that? You can't even see little Lilah's face because she's hiding it in her mommy's chest... Cute!