'The Big Bang Theory' Fans Spotted A Huge Mistake With Raj

Ooh, what could this huge mistake be? Something about his Indian heritage? His inability to talk to women?

Or hey, maybe they're slowly coming to the realization that the entire show was a mistake, and are just starting out with Raj to ease the eventual blowback from fans?

Who knows? I sure don't.

Sitcoms have been around for a while now.


Short for "Sit down and watch a comedy" (kidding), it has been around since the late '40s if Wikipedia is to be believed.

This makes sense, we all could have used a laugh after WW2.

One of the first sitcoms..


On American TV was called Mary Kay and Johnny, and was about a real-life married couple (they even slept in the same bed, I know, it's beyond scandalous).

Since then, sitcoms have evolved a whole bunch.


A lot of people would argue that we hit the peak of sitcoms in the '90s with shows like Seinfled and Friends.

In today's bitter and depressed world, sitcoms don't really work.

Unless of course...

Your name is Chuck Lorre, who has been steadily making what we in the business call "buttloads of cash" on sitcoms for the last 16 or so years.

His career started out on 'Roseanne'...


Where he was a writer, but soon after his career exploded.

Specifically in the early to mid-2000s, where he had two of the biggest and most successful sitcoms of all time.

We're of course talking about...


The first was Two and a Half Men, which made Charlie Sheen a whole bunch of money before he blew it all and got himself kicked off the show.

And the second was 'The Big Bang Theory.'


The show captivated an audience of millions for years.

It was funny, it was clever, but best of all, it stole our collective hearts. We were sad to see it go, but all good things must end eventually.

And that's what we're here to talk about today.

But not just anything about The Big Bang Theory, but specifically a time where they totally whiffed it. Yeah, that's right, we're taking pleasure in their pain!

So, without further ado...

Let's talk about 'The Big Bang Theory.'


The show finally ended this year, much to the dismay of fans everywhere.

Since then, the people who adore this show have been watching every moment of the series again and again, possibly because they miss it...

Or possibly out of spite.


Because they keep bringing up inconsistencies from the show.

Hey! That's my job!

Anyways, the possibly pissed off patrons of TBBT have found yet another mistake with their precious show.

And this time, it's about Raj.


The innocent Indian fella who has so much trouble talking not only to women but in Hindi as well.

In fact, during one episode, he tells Sheldon that he never learned the language.

Well then how do you explain the fact that you translated your girlfriend (who spoke Hindi) for Howard?


Or in that earlier episode where fans could hear him talking Hindi in the background.

Maybe he was lying to Sheldon?

Or maybe there's something bigger going on...


We haven't explored this theory much, but there is a rumor going around that Raj is not what he seems.

He can't keep his story straight, he has so many inconsistencies during the show...

And it's because Raj isn't a sitcom character at all...


He's an actual person.

One such fan theory suggests that Raj and the gang aren't characters on a show, but people that Chuck Lorre has trapped in something called "The Sitcom Realm."

Is that why there are so many inconsistencies with the show?


Are the "characters" that are trapped inside the Sitcom Realm desperately trying to make the show terrible?

Perhaps they were fighting Chuck Lorre the entire time, just wanting to be free.

And now that the show has ended, who knows what is going to happen to the people trapped in the Sitcom Realm?


Will they get to return to their normal lives? Or are they stuck in limbo forever?

Laugh all you want, it's a real theory for fans, people.