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'Pawsecco' For Dogs And Cats Is A Whole New Level Of Spoiling Pets

I'm a pretty average dog owner, I think. My boys always have toys to play with and I replace them as needed, there are treats in the cupboard, and I buy them good quality kibble without breaking the bank on the super fancy stuff.

And yes, they get to eat my pizza crusts (and maybe the odd pepperoni).

I spoil them with occasional special treats, maybe a little chicken broth in their kibble sometimes, but *wine* has never occurred to me.

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I don't know why its existence surprises me, though. Of course there's wine for dogs and cats.

And *of course* it's named Pawsecco.

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Okay fine, I think it's cute and I kind of want a bottle just for the photo opportunity.

I write articles about cute animal stuff for a living, so this basically perfect for me.

It's non-alcoholic and also "wine" in name only, because there are no grapes used.

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This is really important because grapes are toxic for dogs and scientists still haven't pinpointed what parts of the grape cause the effect or how much is too much.

The flavor and color come from natural sources.

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The white "wine" is a mix of elderflower, linden blossom , and ginseng, while the red version includes elderflower, nettle, ginseng, limeflower, natural caramel, and carrot.

They are vet-approved and full of all the vitamins and anti-oxidants found in those natural ingredients.

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You can buy them at the Woof & Brew website alongside the brand's pet "beer" (called Bottom Sniffer), "champagne" (CHAM:PAWS), and herbal teas (which all have unique, punny names).

All of the options can be served in a bowl or poured over kibble.

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