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Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Her 10-Year-Old Son Already Has A Skincare Routine: 'He Loves To Do It'

Kourtney Kardashian is a skin and wellness guru, so it's no surprise her eldest child, 10-year-old son Mason, has taken after his mom.

Kourt filmed a video with "Harper's Bizarre" where she detailed her nightly skincare routine.

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It was all kinds of lavish and bougie, as you'd expect.

In a fun little tidbit, Kourtney shares that her son Mason has picked up the family trait of loving skincare.

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"I just went through a whole skincare routine with him,” Kourt shared.

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“We started, we did a mask, we did everything, we wrote down all the steps and we put it in his drawer in his bathroom and he loves to do it and feel like he’s taking care of his skin."

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"It’s an important thing to teach girls and boys," Kourt shares.

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Even daughter Penelope is getting involved!

“She loves to give me facials," Kourtney revealed.

"She’s watched me her whole life with taking care of my skin and we get our hair and makeup done almost every day for filming the show."

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