The Impulsive Buy

Walmart Is Selling White Chocolate Covered Oreos Sprinkled With Peppermint Pieces

There's only a week now to acceptably chow down on all the holiday themed goodies that are out there on the market, people!

You might want to take a trip to Walmart's bakery section to feast your eyes on something "really nice," as Cousin Eddie would say.

Walmart's Marketside section is selling White Chocolate Covered Oreos with crushed peppermint on top, and they look like something I need in front of my face right now.

The Impulsive Buy

There's something about an Oreo encased in a thick layer of creamy white chocolate that already sounds divine.

Sprinkle some crushed peppermint pieces on top to bring a little crunch and peppermint bark inspo to the mix?


Game. Over.

These are perfect to accompany some hot cocoa, or as an after dinner pre-dessert snack


They go for $5.94, and there's no telling how long they'll be around, so you'd better go check 'em out!

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