Emma Watson Shares Christmas Photo Of 'Harry Potter' Cast Reunion

Well, it seems that we're seeing more and more of these "reunion" photos by the day.

It's because we're all grown up now, and so are the actors that starred in some of our favorite movies.

Did you know Daniel Radcliffe is 30 years old? Man, how time flies.

Let's have a chat about 'Harry Potter.'


It's one of the biggest franchises of all time.

It resonated with us not only because it had magic, fantasy, and drama, but because it had characters that we grew up with and fell in love with as well.

And the actors who played those kids skyrocketed to fame because of their roles in the iconic franchise.


And we love to see what they're all up to these days.

We'll even occasionally see a movie they're in (that's how dedicated HP fans are).

In fact, people are very excited about Watson's upcoming film 'Little Women.'

Fans are super excited to see how she plays the iconic character of Margaret "Meg" March.

Fans were concerned with her American accent but we think that she'll pull it off.

But the thing we love seeing the most is when they go to social media to post pictures of the old cast hanging out together.


It just warms our collective hearts to know everyone is still hanging out and getting along.

It's not the first time that Watson posts cute reunion photos.

In general, the Harry Potter cast is good at keeping us in the loop when these amazing moments happen.

This cute one of Watson and Felton made our hearts melt.

Even when it's not reunion photos, they take every chance they can to show a little throwback to the movies.

Tom Felton captioned this photo as: "Agings a bitch".

Poor Tom. Well, we still think you look great! And way less sinister.

We once even got a comic con reunion!

This epic photo came to us by Miss Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood.

There's so much happiness and love in this photo, my poor heart can't take it.

In another photo shared by Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom, it seems that Slytherin won the house cup.

That would definitely explain why Lewis looks so peeved and Felton looks very happy.

Then there was the time that Felton posted an adorable throwback.

He and Emma Watson were playing a game while waiting to continue filming.

This one hit us hard in the nostalgia feels.

All that to say, we know that they used to spend more time together than they might now, but no one really knows how often they see each other.

So when Emma Watson posted an adorable photo of their reunion on Christmas, it made our hearts grow three sizes.

And this new photo reunion of their Christmas celebrations had us in tears.

None other than Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) herself posted the below picture with a bunch of the Harry Potter cast, including Neville and Draco!

Emma Watson captioned it: Merry Christmas from us ☺️.

How adorable!