Amazon Is Launching Collectible Baby Yoda Toys, So Get Ready To Collect Them All

It's been just over a month since Disney+'s The Mandalorian came out, but it sure feels like an eternity already.

Within mere weeks, nay DAYS, nay MILLISECONDS, Baby Yoda, AKA The Child, captured the world's heart.

Even if you haven't actually seen the show, you definitely know about Baby Yoda.

Even SNL covered him, so you know he's reached the general masses.

Now you'll be able to bring your very own Baby Yoda into the comfort of your home, because Disney is releasing little collectible toys in 2020.


As you do when one of your characters completely takes off.

There will be three sets of two adorable Baby Yoda characters for people to collect.


Of course, they wouldn't even think to leave out Baby Yoda's iconic sippy cup, or soup cup, rather.

The pictures are a bit deceiving, however— these are pretty tiny collectible toys, kind of like Crazy Bones of our past.

They're only 2.2 inches in height, if that provides any context.

According to the Amazon listing, you can trade them as we all did with Crazy Bones.

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"Kids can start a collection, swap with friends, give as gifts, or add to any existing Star Wars collection with the Star Wars The Bounty Collection The Child collectible toys 2-pack," the description reads.

Each set goes for $15.99 and won't be available to ship until May 2020.


Fear, do not! You can currently pre-order on Amazon to guarantee a set of Baby Yodas to call your own.

Which adorable little Baby Yoda figurine do you love the most?

Let us know in the comments!

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