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Church Pays Off $10,000 In Walmart Layaway Christmas Gifts For Families In Need

An Atlanta church has made the Christmas season even brighter for 23 local families by answering their prayers and graciously taking away their holiday stress.

According to Fox News, the pastor and members of Cascade United Methodist Church in Georgia came together to pay off $10,000 worth of layaway Christmas gifts at Walmart.

Senior pastor Kevin Murriel made the incredible announcement on December 16.

Facebook | Cascade United Methodist Church

In a video posted to the church's Facebook page, Murriel can be seen addressing families during a private ceremony at a local Walmart where he explains, "We are blessed to be a blessing."

"We’ve been called by God to be here, and we want to be a blessing to those in our community," he continues. "We believe that God is calling us to do [this].”

The generous gesture left members of the 23 families overwhelmed, shocked, and in some cases entirely speechless.

Facebook | Cascade United Methodist Church

One woman, Suwanda McCreary, just lost her 28-year-old son this April, leaving his three children in her care.

"It's a big help. It's a tremendous help," McCreary tearfully told WSBTV. "Because I really wasn't able to do it."

In the Facebook video, Murriel emphasized that the church isn't asking these families for anything in return.

Facebook | Cascade United Methodist Church

Instead, he encouraged them all to "pay it forward" at some point in their lives.

"Everyone deserves a good Christmas," he said. "Merry Christmas and we hope that you are blessed by this gift."

h/t: Fox News, WSBTV