'Noah' And 'Emma' Announced As Most Popular Baby Names Of The Decade

If you're currently pregnant or planning to have a baby soon this article is definitely for you. I bet you're already racking your brain for the best baby name you can give your new tot, so listen up.

The latest list of the most popular baby names of the past decade is out and I've got some ideas for you to jot down. Get a pen and paper ready.

First up, the top boys' names.

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It seems that parents opted for traditional boys' names in the 2010s, choosing classics that have historical or Biblical roots.

1. Noah

The first baby name that claimed the top spot for popular boys' names is Noah. Noah went up to the top spot after previously being #20 on the list in just a few years. Whoa!

2. Liam

The second name on the list for boys is Liam. Liam was one of the top names on the list from the previous decade. So it's still very popular.

3. Jacob

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The third most popular name is Jacob. Jacob comes from the biblical story of his birth where he came out holding his older twin brother Esau' heel.

4. Mason

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Grabbing the fourth spot on the list is Mason. Its origin comes from the occupational Italian, French, Irish or English surname Mason, which means "one who works with stone".

5. William

I'm not surprised to see William as the fifth name on the list. After all, it's always been a popular name. Perhaps we can thank Prince William for that.

6. Ethan

The sixth spot goes to Ethan. This Hebrew name means firm, enduring, strong and long-lived. This name only became popular towards the end of the 20th century.

7. Michael

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Michael rounds up the top seven names on the list for boys. It's always been one of my favorite names. Michael is the only archangel in the Bible and has been a popular name for decades.

Now on to the girls' names!

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Sweet and feminine names dominated for baby girls in the 2010s. Many of these names were classics that made a huge comeback.

1. Emma

The number one spot for the most popular name goes to Emma. This name is derived from the Germanic word "ermen" meaning whole or universal.

2. Sophia

The second most popular name on the list turns out to be Sophia. For me, the name that immediately comes to mind is the beautiful screen siren, Sophia Loren.

3. Olivia

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The third name that pops up on the list for girls is Olivia. Not surprisingly this name derives from the 'olive tree'. I've always liked this name.

4. Isabella

Claiming the fourth most popular spot is Isabella, or as some affectionately shorten it, Bella. Maybe its popularity rose after the Twilight series? I think so.

5. Ava

The fifth name on the list is Ava. This name became popular thanks to the famous American actress and singer from the '40s, Ava Gardner. What's not to like?

6. Mia

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Mia claims the sixth spot for the most popular girls' name on the list. I'm surprised to see this name as I wouldn't think it was that popular. Interesting.

7. Abigail

Unsplash | Humphrey Muleba

It seems that there are a lot of Hebrew or Biblical names that claim the top spots for both girl names and boy names. That's definitely the case with Abigail.

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