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Injured Stray Dog Wanders Into Random House And Finds A Forever Home

Finding anything in your home that you don't expect can be a surprise, but when it's a dog that seems to have aparated into your kitchen in the middle of the night, things are getting weird.

Jack "JJ" Jokinen wasn't that surprised when his wife woke him up at 4 am. They have a 1-month-old baby and sleep is intermittent at best, but after informing him that the baby was fine, she followed up with "there's a puppy in our house." A starving, injured dog had indeed appeared.

That's strange on its own, but the house was locked tight with no clear way for a dog to have gotten in.

Luckily, the family has a security camera and JJ was quickly able to discover the unlikely events that led up to their visitor.

When returning home from walking their dog, Jorge, the door didn't latch properly behind JJ. Then during the night's storm, it was blown wide open. Just after 3 am, the dog wanders by before returning to go inside. You can see how skinny she is in the footage and the house would be warm and safe.

A little while later, a man walked by and saw the open door. After checking to see everything was okay, he closes it tightly, not realizing the home now has an extra resident.

The family let her stay and called animal control when it opened.

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Instead of surrendering her to them, they decided to take her to a vet instead, where they learned that she didn't have a microchip.

She was also missing a pad on one of her feet, had fleas, and her teeth are in poor shape. However, beyond being hungry, her vitals were good.

Knowing that any possible owner that would have let her loose was unlikely to want her back, JJ and his family decided to keep her.

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They named her Suzy.

She's a senior dog and they want to make sure she gets to be comfortable and have dignity for the rest of her life.

They also plan to make sure she gets the medical attention she needs and deserves.

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After many people said they wanted to donate, JJ provided a link to his Venmo account in a follow-up video.

Any money donated will go directly toward Suzy's care.

If they are lucky to receive more than they need, JJ says they'll donate the rest to another charity in need.

Besides monetary donations, local pet services have donated food, toys, and other doggo items.

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And because it's 2019, JJ set Suzy up with her own Instagram account @suzynpupman so that everyone who has fallen in love with her can follow her recovery and new life.

It's an unlikely series of events with a sweet outcome perfect for the holidays.

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