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79-Year-Old Brazilian Model Poses In Lingerie To Make Statement About Older Women In Fashion

They say age is just a number, but in the fashion world, that seems to unfortunately not be the case. Have you seen a visibly older woman in a Victoria's Secret ad or on the runway before? I didn't think so.

One Brazilian model and grandmother is working to change that.

Meet Helena Schargel, a Polish-Brazilian designer, grandmother, and lingerie model.

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No, she's not modeling stereotypical "granny panties" either.

At 79 years young, Helena is modeling in matching bra and panties sets right on par with what you would find in Victoria's Secret.

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The lacy bra and panties are part of her very own line of lingerie she helped design specifically for women over 60.

"This project has a clear goal: to make women visible," Helena expressed in an interview to AFP.

Helena is helping bring visibility to older women in fashion, since they're often completely shoved under the rug after age 60 in the country.

Instagram | @helenaschargel

Older women are also often narrowed into a specific category of fashion, and Helena is working to break that.

"She reminds you that there is a life after 60, 70 and it can be sexy, it can be fun and it can also be profitable," said Vogue Brazil's editor-in-chief Paula Merlo.

Not only is she confidently rocking it in a lingerie set, but she also refuses to be edited.

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Speaking about leaving her wrinkles untouched, she said, "They are very important. They show that I have arrived here."

We give one giant "YAS" to that!

She spits facts, explaining that companies better be ready for more older people in fashion, because it's just the reality. So why not start now?

"Twenty, 30 years from now, there will be many more grannies than young people. We need to prepare for this -- companies need to prepare for this."

Helena is an absolute boss, and I want to be exactly like her when I grow up.

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