Heartwarming Video Shows Dog Waiting For Kids To Safely Get On School Bus

One very good boy has been enjoying a meteoric rise to fame after a video was released showing the pooch doing his morning ritual of ensuring his little owners get onto the school bus safely.

Sending kids off to school can be a nerve-wracking experience for some.

Unsplash | Dimitar Belchev

Some parents never lose those first school-morning nerves and spend their days worrying about their little ones. However, one family has a furry companion to help with those jitters.

And his name is Gordon!

Facebook | Becky Lynn

Gordon is a mastiff from Northville, Michigan, and every day he waits for his family's two young daughters by the bus stop to make sure that they get on the bus safely of a morning.

There really is nothing like seeing the pure love between a dog and their family to melt the frost off of your heart.

The heartwarming video of Gordon looking after the children has been shared across Facebook.

Facebook | Becky Lynn

Gordon's owner Becky Lynn shared the video to her Facebook page and the video has since been shared across hundreds of media platforms as people gush over Gordon's caring nature.

While Gordon's large physique can make him appear like quite an imposing animal, this is proof that he has a wonderfully soft, caring side.

Once the girls are on the bus, Gordon happily rushes home.

Facebook | Becky Lynn

Becky, her two daughters, and her husband, live happily together in Michigan. Apparently, this is a daily occurrence in their household. No harm will come to those girls while this fantastic pooch is out there keeping a weather eye on the pair!

The public have been praising Gordon for his wonderful behavior.

Facebook | Becky Lynn

There have been many calls for Gordon to get extra treats this Christmas, with people writing:

"Gordon is simply put, a star. well done, good job buddy"

"I love this! When my kids were little my dog would go to each of their rooms to check on them before she would go to sleep, then she’d do it again in the middle of the night just to be sure. Dogs are amazing."

Hopefully this story has got you in the holiday spirit.

What with Christmas just around the corner, it's important to keep your heart and body warm with such wonderfully uplifting stories. If you have a furry family friend who looks after your own children then let us know in the comments!

h/t: Youtube