Cosplayer Uses Her Hijab To Put Her Own Spin On Famous Pop Culture Characters

Some people seem to have a special talent when it comes to transforming themselves into other people whether it's using makeup or clothing. That's exactly what Saraswati Suharto has been doing.

There's one catch, though — she's doing it using her hijab. Yes, you heard me right. This talented makeup artist from Malaysia is using her hijab to get into many different characters and it's truly inspiring.

Saraswati is a queen of cosplay not only because of the way she transforms herself with the magic of makeup, but also because of how cleverly she uses her hijab.

It's a way for her to put her own spin on popular characters.

Whether it's a superhero, a princess, or a villain, Saraswati is able to take on any character and embody it perfectly with the aid of her colorful hijab.

She nailed this Hades look.

Her images are so popular on Instagram that her account now has over 400,000 followers. Everyone is raving about her amazing transformations.

Well, I can definitely see why.

Here, she totally becomes Queen Elsa from "Frozen."

Oh my, I bet every little girl would be in absolute awe of something like this. This is definitely stunning.

If you're like me and a total fan of Tim Burton, you'll appreciate Saraswati channeling this "Corpse Bride" to a tee.

Look at those eyes!

And if you want to get scared, here she is as the "Bride of Chucky."

Oh wow, thankfully she isn't as scary as the real character. Ha, ha.

See? You don't need to even wear a wig to become Ariel. Saraswati's hijab is a perfect substitute for the red hair.

I never would have thought of that.

Oh my gosh, isn't this the cutest transformation?

I just adore the creativity that went into creating this look. And she even got her cat in on the act.

Speaking of cute, how about this look?

I think this would be so cool as a Halloween costume. Don't you think? She definitely has this look down pat.

Her version of Vanessa is absolutely stunning here.

With this character, it's all in the eyes and Saraswati has totally picked up on that. Loving her transformation here.

Who knew you can channel a cartoon character such as this?

Well, of course, when you're such a creative person like Saraswati, you can absolutely do just that.

Oh wow, we were just catching up on "Star Wars" the other night.

This is such an awesome way to change yourself up to look just like Princess Leia.

Speaking of movies, it's been a long time since I watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and now I need to see it again.

Saraswati's Jessica Rabbit is absolutely mesmerizing.

Who says you can't look like Barbie if that's what you really want?

Saraswati proves that you can do it too if you are clever and work your magic.

Whether you're inspired by movies or comics, you can appreciate these two awesome looks Saraswati created here. Her two versions of Gamora are truly stunning.

Wow, that's amazing.

I wish this girl could go visit kids in kindergarten classes.

So she can show them that you too can bring fantasy to life just like she does.

Oh my gosh, talk about Two-Face here. This lady doesn't just do princesses. She kicks butt at villains as well.

And what a villain she chose here.

And speaking of princesses, this one is not your typical princess at all. Fiona is so fierce, she really does need to be celebrated more.

I love this one.

How cool is it that Saraswati used her hijab to create Cinderella's famous blond hair? I think that's such a cool transformation.

This lady is on point with this look here.

If people aren't your thing, why not make yourself over to look like your favorite animal cartoon character instead?

This version of Roxanne from A Goofy Movie is just adorable.

Speaking of cartoon characters, how fun is this Bliss reincarnation Saraswati created as per one of many of her fans' requests.

I'm loving the pop of color here. This is so cute.

This lady can be so sweet when she transforms herself into a beloved Disney princess or a cute cartoon character.

But she's also fierce when she wants to be.

In a world of social media where everyone is starting to look similar, it's amazing to see someone put a different twist on their look.

This cosplayer definitely impressed me.