Channing Tatum Walks In A Freezing River On NatGeo’s 'Running Wild'

Man, this guy is hardcore. When he's not stealing our collective girlfriends in Magic Mike, or making us lose our minds laughing in 21 Jump Street, he's running through freezing rivers with National Geographic!

It's about time we asked the age-old question once again: is there anything this guy can't do?

Channing Tatum is one of America's greatest actors.


He's been in so many great movies, comedies like 21 Jump Street, serious movies like Foxcatcher, and just generally being a good guy so we have no reason to hate him.

Well it looks like he's going to be expanding his repertoire.

Nat Geo

Or at least going back for round two.

It's been five whole years since Tatum was on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, where he ran wild and hung out with a man who made him walk through a very cold river.

And now he's going in for another slice of wild.

Nat Geo

In this new episode, Channing is going to be wading through some pretty freezing water.

He has to go through some Navy Seal training and attempt to maintain his composure.

Tatum commented on the experience:

Nat Geo

“It was definitely cold. As soon as you get in, you’re like, ‘I’m not sure ‘m going to be able to do this! Usually in these moments on movie sets, they call in a stunt guy and I always feel emasculated so I’m happy that there’s no stunt guy. So at the end of everything, I can just kind of just be like – whether it was a success or a failure – it was my failure or success.” he said.