8+ Times Babies Weren't Feeling The Holiday Spirit

Ah, Christmas! It's such a magical time of the year. No wonder everybody gets in the holiday spirit and ends up snapping a ton of holiday-themed pictures. And if you have a baby, then all bets are off. Now you're going to want that perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

Sounds simple, right? Well, as it turns out getting that perfect shot of your tot is more complicated than that.

1. When Santa Is Scary

Instagram | @ollie10

I have to admit, I've always thought taking a baby to sit on a stranger's lap was a bit creepy but maybe that's just me.

2. Christmas Memento

Speaking of Santa, this little lady doesn't seem too impressed with the old dude. I bet she much rather go to Chuck E. Cheese instead. Me too!!!

3. Cute Ornaments Fail


How do they get babies to lift themselves up and pose for that flawless shot with ornaments and lights in the background? Beats me!

4. This Snowman Fail

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My sister once took a similar picture of her baby like this. Thankfully my nephew was a little bit more excited than this unimpressed kid.

5. These Poor Attempts

Well, you gotta give it to this mom. She definitely tried her best. Unfortunately, her kids were more interested in eating the toys instead. Hee, hee!

6. This Funny Capture

Instagram | @ssingh1989ss

I dunno about you, but I much rather have the picture on the bottom than the perfect one on top. Why? Because it's simply hilarious! LOL.

7. Two For One

It's bad enough when you've got one kid who isn't cooperating with your idea of a perfect picture with Santa. But when it's two, oh no!

8. Baby's First Christmas Meltdown

Liv & Co.

Every new parent wants to capture that first Christmas with the baby. But sometimes the baby wants to have none of it. Indeed.

9. When You've Had Enough

How cute would this picture have been if it wasn't for the two brats going at it again? Ha, ha. I love the parents' expressions.

10. When Santa Is Clearly Terrifying


OMG, I thought having two kids terrified of Santa was the ultimate and then I saw these three. They look ready to run.

11. When You're Missing The Signs

Twitter | @Swilua

Wow, they oughta be so proud of their baby boy. He's using sign language exactly at the point he really needs it. Right?

12. Festive Lights Disaster


Speaking of festive lights, how cute is the picture on the top? It's adorable. But you try recreating that with your baby. Good luck.

Well, what do you expect? Kids will be kids.

There isn't much you can do about it. Next time you attempt a photo op like this be prepared for disaster.