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This Pickle Cake Really Looks Like The Real Dill

It's your birthday. Yes, the day is finally here! You've prepared for it for a whole year, even. Maybe you're looking forward to going out somewhere nice for dinner with your beau, or maybe you're about to have a wild night out.

No matter what you do, there always needs to be a cake.

And if your family and friends know you best, they'll surprise you with this super realistic looking pickle cake.

Instagram | @sideserfcakes

It's even complete with a drizzle of faux pickle juice!

It seriously looks like the real dill, but when you cut it open, it reveals itself as a decadent chocolate cake.

Instagram | @sideserfcakes

The folks over at Sideserf Cake Studio concocted the cake and filmed a whole tutorial on how to make it yourself.

The outer layer of the cake is made with a layer of modelling chocolate and pieces to create the bumps and lumps.

It's then hand painted with gel food coloring and alcohol to water it down and create that sort of uneven and patchy coloring of yellows and greens, just like a real pickle.

The "pickle juice" is made with simple syrup and food coloring to give it that briney and shiny glistening effect.

It's so hard to figure out which ones are real and fake!

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People love pickles so much, I wouldn't be surprised if whoever you made this for was disappointed it wasn't a real pickle.

You sure will fool them!

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