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Robert De Niro Supports Trump's Impeachment: 'He Has To Pay The Consequences'

Robert De Niro's latest interview on The View continues the actor's trend of speaking out about President Donald Trump.

While appearing on the talk show, De Niro laid into Trump again.

"We have to do this," he said, in regards to the president's impeachment.

"We have to go through the motions, symbolically, it means something."

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"It's a taint on his presidency. More than a taint, it's a stain. One that he deeply deserves," he continued.

"So, yes, we will go through it and take our chances. We have to take our chances no matter what."

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"He's going to try to use it, then he got ahead of it, then he beat it like a gangster — 'I beat the rap,' like the Teflon Don," he continued, much to the audience's delight.

"He has to take that punishment, he has to pay the consequences. That's how I feel."

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"He did something wrong. He has to pay for it, period."

Watch the full interview clip below.

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