Mom Uses Embroidery Skills To Make One-Of-A-Kind Ultrasound Keepsakes

Expecting parents looking for a crafty way to preserve their baby's ultrasound photo might want to consider embroidery.

One artist realized black fabric, white thread, and patience were all it took to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

An ultrasound photo is a precious keepsake for many new parents.

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One mom and artist found a way to preserve and elevate these photos using her embroidery skills.

Veselka Bulkan is the embroidery artist behind the Etsy store, Little Herb Bouquet.

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Veselka created the first ultrasound embroidery when she was pregnant with her own daughter to announce she was expecting to her Instagram followers. Soon others started asking her if she could make their own babies' ultrasounds into art.

Each piece takes a few weeks or even over a month to make and costs about $300 for a custom order.

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Veselka also sells a DIY kit through her Etsy store, so moms can learn how to make their own for $38.

These gorgeous embroidery portraits capture the unique characteristics of each baby.

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Just like no two babies are alike, no two embroideries are alike. What a stunning keepsake for expecting parents!