Emilia Clarke Reveals How She Surprised Her Dad For What Would Be His Last Christmas

In her own written piece to Telegraph this week, Game of Thrones and Last Christmas star, Emilia Clarke recounted the "perfect gift" she surprised her dad with on what would be his last Christmas.

"Game of Thrones" actress, Emilia Clarke, opened in a written passage to Telegraph, revealing the gift she surprised her father with on his last Christmas.

He, unfortunately, passed away of cancer in July 2016.

In an interview with The Observer, she admitted that the world became much scarier to her after losing her father.

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Experiencing the loss of a parent really put out the "child-like optimism" she had been clinging onto.

It came around the same time that Emilia suffered her second brain aneurysm.

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Needless to say, it was a tough time in her life and so, her morale was quite low.

"The second one, I lost a lot of hope; I lost a lot of optimism. That’s insane bad luck," she said.

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This was also around the same time that she was beginning to lose her anonymity due to the rapid increase of Game of Thrones' popularity.

"And then you’re in a shopping centre with your mum who is crying over your recently dead dad and someone comes up and asks you for a picture," she said.

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"And you say no and they’re like, "I expected better from you, I thought more of you than that."'

While the fame was becoming somewhat of an inconvenience at the time, she still believes that "Game of Thrones" helped her "escape" during this dark period in her life.

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"For me, the show became my escape from all of it," she said.

"If I was changing, I wasn’t really aware of it. All the change was done for me," she went on.

"Because she did it. Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons. [Expletive] Game of [expletive] Thrones."

Anyway, Emilia explained in her letter to Telegraph that she always tried to impress her "darling dad" with gifts in previous years, and although he was grateful, she always felt like they weren't up to snuff.

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But on what would be his final Christmas, she really went all out.

"This would be my darling dad's last Christmas," she wrote.

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"I don't know if on some level I knew it might be, and had spent my years waiting to give him this perfect gift."

"And I'd give it all back in a heartbeat".

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"Every single Chocolate Orange, every single shoe, for one more moment with him," she continued.

She recalled that as Christmas approached in 2015, she began planning a surprise family trip to the North Pole.

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A trip to the North Pole could not be a more perfect Christmas-themed gift for the occasion!

She wrote that she and her family had a "fantastic" time on what ended up being their last trip together as a family.

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She described her family sharing laughs and simply enjoying each other's company.

But the real takeaway is that because that was ultimately the final Christmas she got to spend with her dad, it made her realize the true meaning of Christmas.

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"Christmas is an excuse to look around at the people you love," she said.

She went on to explain that intead of worrying so much about gift giving and receiving during the holidays, she takes the opportunity to be thankful for and cherish the people in her life instead.

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"For me this is now what Christmas is: it's for holding on to who you have got."

I don't think Emilia could have chosen a better way to spend her father's last Christmas.

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Let us know what you think of Emilia Clarke's last surprise Christmas gift to her father.