Makeup Artists Are Turning Their Lashes Into Mini Christmas Trees

OMG, Christmas is only a few days away. Did you realize? Why does it always sneak up on us like this, ha, ha? Anyway, if you're still looking for ways to get into the holiday spirit I've got an idea for you.

How about creating lashes that look just like a Christmas tree? It might be a stretch for some, but I say why not?

This U.K.-based makeup artist was looking for some inspiration for her holiday-themed look.

And then she gazed upon her Christmas tree and, voilĂ , an idea was born.

It looks like she's not the only one who's ever thought of this idea.


Check out this extreme look that probably took forever to create but looks super cool.

But if you think this look may be too extreme for you, there are other alternatives as well to make your eyes look festive this holiday season.


Just take a look at these golden lashes. Beautiful!

Some people can't tolerate too much stuff on their lashes.

Hello, that's me. So in that case, this might be a better alternative. It's still festive and pretty.

Or you can opt for creating a look that resembles some Christmas decor just like this makeup.

I love how she incorporated some snowflakes in this look too.

This pretty lady actually turned herself into a reindeer and I'm really impressed with this look.

I think it's super creative and definitely has that special Christmas feel.

And if you love candy canes, why not use that as your makeup inspiration as this lady did?

This is making me crave candy canes right about now. Ha, ha!

Speaking of beautiful makeup, I absolutely adore this look.

This is something I would be very inclined to get right in time for Christmas. What a beautiful job here.

So are you going to use your Christmas tree as your makeup inspiration this year?

Or are you leaning towards another look? Whatever you do, just make sure it's flawless.

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