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Clever Mom Uses Life-Size Cardboard Cutout Of Herself To Ease Toddler's Separation Anxiety

Every mom probably just wants one thing: five minutes alone without the kids. While this request seems simple enough, it can actually be a challenge to accomplish this. That's why one mom came up with a genius, but slightly unconventional hack.

Most moms know, for the first few years of your baby's life, you two are basically attached at the hip.

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While this is very adorable, let's be real — moms also need some alone time! Namely, to pee and take a shower now and then.

More often than not, separation anxiety results in a lot of tears.

And it's not always the baby who is crying. No mom likes hearing their baby cry for them, even when they really do need some time to themselves.

When her baby become unconsolable every time she left the room, one mom got a creative idea.


She ordered one of those giant cardboard cutouts. You know, the ones that are life-size photos of celebrities? Except, this mom got one of herself.

Fuki Sato, a mom from Japan, shared her genius idea online through her Twitter account.

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Here's a picture of the cardboard cutout that Fuki used to trick her son into thinking she was still in the room.

If you're wondering if it worked — it totally did!

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Here's Fuki's son cheerfully playing away under his (cardboard) mom's watchful eye. Fuki's husband captured these pictures of the hack that were shared to Twitter.

Fuki and her husband even made a second cardboard cutout of her in a sitting position.

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Apparently, it took their son about 20 minutes to notice that the cardboard cutouts were not actually his mom. Hey, a mom can get a lot done in 20 minutes.

Since sharing her clever idea on Twitter, Fuki has gone viral.

Her tweet has been liked by over 123,000 people worldwide.

She even shared this video showing exactly how she used the cutout to sneak away.

Again, her husband was in the room the whole time, but her son had no idea that she had left.

I don't know about you, but I think I might need to invest in a few of these for my toddler.

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