'Dead To Me' Season 2 Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense

Alright Dead To Me fans, it's time to discuss what might be coming in Season 2 of one of your favorite TV shows.

These are all the fan theories that we've seen and gone "hm... maybe that actually could happen". They're the ones that kind of make a bunch of sense.

Just as a disclaimer...


This article is going to contain a whole bunch of spoilers for season 1 of Dead To Me.

So if you haven't finished it yet, go finish and then come back.

Are they gone?



So recently we scoured the internet (mostly that wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Reddit) to find some fan theories about Season 2 of Dead To Me.

And the results were pretty interesting.

Fan Theory #1: Judy's Dress


One person on Reddit noticed that Judy wears the same dress in both the scene where she's in the hospital for the miscarriage and during the car accident with Ted.

But what could it mean?


We went through the comments, and after sorting through all the "thank you kind strangers" and "wow, silver! this is my very first one!" we may have found a couple of answers.

One Redditor thinks that maybe it was the accident itself that caused the miscarriage.


It makes sense because sudden trauma (like a car accident) may have an effect on her pregnancy.

How is this going to affect her relationship with Ted?

What we know is that Judy tends to wear this dress during important moments in her life.


So keep an eye out for that dress if any promo pictures come out for the second season.

Fan Theory #2: Charlie Killed Steve

There was another Redditor that brought up the idea that maybe Jen's son, Charlie, killed Steve.

There are a lot of questions about the Jen/Steve shooting, and this kind of answers a couple.

Here's how they think it went down:


Jen pulls the gun on Steve. Steve gets all scared and backs off when she cocks it, backing down from the angry woman with the gun.

But here's the kicker, folks...

That's when her son...


Charlie comes up from behind and whacks Steve on the back of the head, killing him.

Maybe he did it to defend his mom, maybe he did it cause he was fired up about his dad...

But one thing is suspicious...


Why did Jen call Judy instead of the police when Steve was killed?

Was she too afraid because she murdered someone? Or perhaps was she trying to protect someone else...

Fan Theory #3: Steve Brainwashed Judy


Oh, baby, this is some Bioshock level stuff here.

So the internet has noticed something very peculiar between Steve and Judy.

Something that seems worth bringing up, something that may change the landscape of the show.

Ever noticed the robotic answer she gives him?

Whenever he says "I'm sorry" she almost immediately says "it's okay".

Maybe it's because she's so used to having him say sorry, or perhaps it's something a little more sinister...

Maybe Steve has her brainwashed...


And "I'm sorry" is her trigger word. Some have pointed out that it looks a lot like repeated behavior, and there's even one person who suggests that Steve was driving the car that hit Ted.

Steve just made Judy believe that she did it.

What do you think is going to happen in Season 2?


Do you have any predictions for the next season? Have any fan theories that you want to share here rather than Reddit?

We won't give you a hard time, don't worry. Drop them below in the comments!