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Disney Is Selling Super Jolly Cotton Candy In The Shape Of A Santa Hat

Disney World is truly the most magical place on Earth. It's a full-blown utopia—you really feel like you're in a whole new universe that is only filled with characters, extravagant and quirky architecture, and a community of people with the shared love of all things Disney. It's lovely!

During Christmas time, Disney gets even more magical than you thought it was.

Just imagine Disney and Christmas fusing together.

Both are magical in their own respective rights, so when they collide, it's basically otherworldly.

Every little nook and cranny of the park gets decorated to the nines.

That also includes their food, and this Santa hat stick of cotton candy is what Instagrammable dreams are made of!

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Disney Food Blog and other patrons have spotted the cotton candy at Epcot’s China Pavilion

It goes for the hefty price of $15, but for good reason.

The Disney Food Blog

It's crafted by Chinese confectionery artist Wenbo Zhang, who also whipped up the lotus blossom cotton candy that took Disney by storm in the summer.

According to Disney Food Blog, the flavor is just the original sweet cotton candy flavor that makes the treat so iconic and nostalgic.

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This adorable Santa hat is not difficult to admire at all.

If you're taking a trip to Disney World, make sure you go see the cotton candy master in his element and grab one of these sweet treats for The Gram!

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