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People Reveal The One Thing They Will Never Tolerate

There are some things in life that we simply cannot tolerate. Whether it be noisy eating, cheating at board games, or buying incense for a shared flat when you know everyone else can't stand it — everyone has their pet peeves.

One person took to Reddit to find out what sorts of things people simply cannot tolerate in their lives, by simply asking, "What will you never tolerate?"

Answers ranged from the ludicrous to the serious, and so here are a collection of the most relatable, irritating, and downright evil things that people simply can't stomach.

Eating Like A Child

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"Chewing loudly. I try to ignore it and remind myself how petty I'm being, but it's just involuntarily rage-inducing. I don't usually say anything but I put earbuds in or leave the area." — ohshawty

This was quite a common annoyance for most people. Also, if you add chewing with your mouth open to loudly chewing, then you've got yourself a real humdinger.

Leaving A Mess In Public Restrooms

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"I walked into a single-stall bathroom after a female coworker and there was clearly piss all over the toilet seat. I stood there for a moment, contemplating on just cleaning it or finding another bathroom. I decided to call her out privately instead. I went up to her and quietly said: 'Do you want to come clean up the piss you left all over the toilet seat?'

"She slowly followed me back, I opened the door, and she grabbed some paper towels and wiped it up. I thanked her, and she went back to her business. I can't stand people who leave messes, and I'll call them out if I catch them in the act." — Mitch_Mitcherson

If people treated public restrooms like their own bathrooms, then the world would be a far cleaner place!


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"One-uppers. You share some great news? They have better news. You share some bad news? No, their life is FAR worse, they deserve your pity." — childrodeomanager

Yeah, I bet this annoys you, but it annoys me way more you don't even understand.


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"Cheating. Thankfully it hasn't happened to me yet, but I've seen it destroy several of my closest friends. Nothing hurts more than having the one you love and trust just turn on you and your affection like that.

"This applies to both guys and girls. If you no longer have affection for your SO, or feel like it times to move on, TELL THEM. It'll hurt far less than finding out you were cheating on them. And to those who just want to sleep around in a relationship, they're the absolute worst." — Blood_Weiss

Breaking off a long-term relationship with someone you no longer love may be a difficult thing to do, but in the long run, it is kinder and better for everyone involved.

Influencers Promoting Unhealthy Attitudes

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"Influencers online promoting diets, 'skinny teas' (and other diet-y sort of items), and other unhealthy behaviors onto their young, impressionable fanbase. No, no, no. I am 100% for healthy, balanced lifestyles and eating in a nutritious way. But laxative, caffeine-bomb teas, and 1000-calorie plans are never appropriate to be promoting to 14-year-olds. Never, ever. That is damaging AF, especially for kids whose bodies are still growing\developing." — justaplantbaby

Teenagers who are exposed to influencers need to be made more aware of how inherently false the "influencer" existence is. More often than not, the influencers are being paid to promote that lifestyle with little knowledge of how potentially dangerous it could be.


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"Wilful ignorance. People who refuse to learn, acknowledge or accept something to avoid having to change their worldview.

"Bonus answer, people who try to disprove your argument by forcing you into a hypothetical question predicated upon you being wrong, e.g. 'would you still say that red is better than blue if blue could cure cancer?'. No, but blue can't cure cancer, your point is moot. Forcing me to agree with you in a manufactured case does not make your point in the real world." — EvilGingerSanta

Ignorance can be one of the most infuriating traits in a person. The inability to change their outlook as they grow as people is painfully childish.

Cheating (The Board Game Kind)

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"Cheating at board games. It's not a big deal comparing it to some of these things. Damn though, it's so annoying." — stuartstustewart

You're right Stuart, it is incredibly annoying! Especially if someone is stealing money in Monopoly, that is just unacceptable.

Passive Aggression

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"Passive-aggressive people( unless it's a joke ). Every passive-aggressive person I have ever met and tried to tolerate for as long as I could, turned out to be complete garbage. Every, single, time. I'm not tolerating that anymore, if you want to be cool with me, be honest with me." — Gelatinaa

Passive aggression can be a common tactic used by manipulative people in your life. A lot of people wrote about how they have had to deal with passive-aggressive parents in the past.


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"People who cancel plans last minute, or DURING the time we had planned. It's amazing how many 'responsible' adults do this" — slothbarns7

They went on to explain that obviously some people have jobs or health concerns that mean this sort of thing cannot be avoided, however, it is unforgivable when people are just plain rude.

Not Listening

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"People asking me a question, then not listening to my answer: 'What do you wanna eat' 'I could go for some burger king' 'Nah were going with pizza instead'

"Why ask if you don't give a f*ck" — ayqrq

Someone termed these people "Askholes", and it could be one of my favorite things found on the internet this month.

Being Messy

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"Littering. There is no reason to do it." — Juustopurkeri

What particularly got people's heckles up in response to this one was smokers who just throw their cigarettes on the ground. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable as well which makes it even worse!

Laziness On The Road

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"Those that are far too lazy to use their indicators, it is the epitome of laziness" — Just_Some_Bloke_UK

It's not hard to indicate people, and it makes everyone's lives easier. So, do us all a favor, and don't be a prat on the road!

Lacking Common Courtesy

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"People who disrespect basic common courtesy. Example: the teenager who spat in a public jacuzzi I was in the other day. I gave him a decent reminder not to do it again. F*cking gross." — N47nz

As far as disgusting things go, that's pretty high on the list. I hate getting in jacuzzis anyway, and this did not help my attitude towards them.


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"Being yelled at. I got enough of that shit all throughout childhood. I promised myself I would never let anyone yell at me again." — _johnfketamine

A lot of people on the thread seemed to be on the side of discussing your problems like adults instead of descending into childish shouting. Although, I think there is a time and a place for yelling.

People Abusing Friendship For Financial Gain

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"People who are involved in ponzi scams. If you want to got hang out I'm cool. But if you try to hangout to get me involved in your bullsh*t scheme, understand I will cut you out of my life." — Cotmweasel

Friendships should not be about financial gain, you should be hanging out with someone because you like them and value them as a person.

Clicking At Someone

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"People clicking their fingers at me to do something. Chances are if you do, I won't end up doing it." — GoFundMeAPC

If you have ever worked in the service industry then it is likely you have encountered this, and will understand how belittling it is.

Making People Feel Self-Conscious

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"I absolutely hate it when people point it out when people are embarrassed or blushing and say 'look they’re going red' 'they're getting embarrassed'. Why would you do that it's just cruel, what are you getting out of commenting on people being embarrassed." — dgstark

Busy Shops

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"Overcrowded stores. It makes me crazy and deeply uncomfortable. I prefer to get stuff done as early as possible." — aliveinjoburg2

This one is perfectly understandable. There are very few more stressful environments that reveal the worst of humanity than people clamoring for black Friday sales.

"Unethical Behaviour"

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"Being unfairly accused of unethical behavior. Worked in a place that had executives on down that would call any minor infraction 'unethical behavior'.

"Such an accusation is very serious and has real and severe consequences for many professionals. You don't just toss that sh*t at someone for being 5 minutes late to work." — loljetfuel

Falsely Accused

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"Being accused of something that I did not do. The most trivial of wrongful accusations gets my blood boil." —lawszepie

Being falsely accused of something is a uniquely horrific feeling. To have people judge you for something that you didn't do it truly hurtful. It is so important to make sure that you know for certain whether the person you are accusing of something did the thing you are accusing them of.