Fans Can Read Emma Watson's 'Harry Potter' Filming Notes During Scenes

Yes, it seems that we're finally going to see all the notes that a young Emma Watson made on the set of the Harry Potter movies. What will they be? Will they be heartwarming?

Probably, because when did something happen on that set that wasn't heartwarming?

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get nostalgic for a second.


Hey, it's better than remembering that you have adult things to do. Possibly right now.

Let's travel all the way back to the first Harry Potter movie when the kids were only ten years old.

Recently, this tweet was sent out:

And it shows that during the scene where Emma Watson was supposed to be writing with a quill, she actually wrote things on paper.

Man, this girl was meant to play Hermione.

But what did she write?


After close inspection, we found the note reads:

“My name is Emma Charlotte Watson. I am 10 years old and playing the part as Hermione Granger. I am in a Transfiguration. I love this pen (quill). Professor McGonigall (the cat) (miss peacock) is beautiful. She is black and white. I wish I had a cat as a teacher.”

Well, there's only one thing to say about that.


That is adorable.

But what's next? Will we get to see Ron's paper? Will we get to see Harry's?

We want more adorable looks into the world of Harry Potter!