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Kristen Stewart Named Actress Of The Decade

It might come as a shock, but here we are. Stewart worked hard, she's been busting her hump just like everyone else in Hollywood, so she deserves to be the actress of the decade.

Plus, remember how era-defining those Twilight movies were?

It's been a long decade, hasn't it?


Do you remember 2010?

It seems so far off now, a time when Inception was the biggest mindblower out there when Hunger Games was the biggest franchise, and Marvel was just a small blip on the radar...

And now, with 2020 fast approaching, it's time to decide our best movies and tv shows of the decade.


We've done a couple of lists here at Diply already (Best TV shows, Best Movies) but one thing has gone unnoticed by us thus far:

The best actor of the decade.

Well, it seems the Hollywood Critics Association has beat us to it.

They have named none other than Kristen Stewart the actress of the decade.

This decade she appeared in movies like The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Snow White and the Huntsman and of course, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

She will be receiving her award on January 9th.

And more power to her. After a decade of hard work, this has certainly been a pretty good payoff for the young actress.

And who knows? If they come out with Twilight 5 in 2022, she could win the next decade's award as well!