9+ Photos That Show Makeup's Transformation Abilities

Makeup can be such a wonderful tool to enhance someone's look. It can also transform a person to look entirely different. Whether you use it to showcase your best features or to add more fun to your life, makeup can definitely boost one's confidence.

Check out these amazing before and after pictures that show off the #PowerOfMakeup in its full glory.

1. Whether you're a regular, no-makeup girl or you go for the glam look, I'm sure you can appreciate this makeup transformation.

Both pictures look absolutely gorgeous to me.

2. I know that my skin can sometimes play tricks on me.

It looks good one day and it can act up the next. But makeup can fix all that.

3. Wow, they say the eyes are the windows to your soul and do these eyes ever stand out.

This makeup is flawless here. Gorgeous transformation for a gorgeous lady.

4. From simple day look to wow look for the night.

Sometimes a girl needs to step it up a notch. And, boy, does this look do her justice.

5. Gimme those eyelashes, please. Hee, hee.

I love how beautiful her eyes look here too. This shows that you don't necessarily need too much to enhance someone's natural beauty.

6. Sometimes what a lady needs is to clean up her complexion so she can really show her beauty.

A skillful makeup artist can correct all kinds of skin issues.

7. Speaking of skin issues, a little redness never hurt anyone, but it can be a bummer.

But with the power of makeup, those red spots can easily disappear.

8. As I mentioned before, makeup can be such a confidence booster.

When you look your best, you definitely feel a lot happier and it can be contagious. Loving that smile.

9. The right kind of makeup can bring out the bombshell in you.

Just check out how gorgeous this lady looks with her makeup all done and that redness gone.

10. OMG, what a dramatic difference.

It's hard to believe it's the same lady in both pictures. I have to say I'm super impressed with this amazing and gorgeous look.

11. This lady looked confident before but now she looks absolutely flawless.

I bet that must feel real nice. I can't even tell that there were any blemishes on her skin.

12. A little glam never hurt nobody!

Instagram | @lorenamanzobeauty

It's amazing what a smoked out eye and a little glitter can do to bring a different energy!

13. This makeup look really lifted her eyes.

Instagram | @manufakturapiekna.poniec

She looks so fresh and glowing! That color pink matches her skin tone perfectly.

14. These warm tones match her perfectly.

Instagram | @septemberrosebeauty

A gold foil eye and orange-red lip look so good together.

Good choice!

15. This one is truly powerful for so many reasons.

Instagram | @powerofmakeup

You are beautiful with or without makeup.

16. Makeup allows you to play with your look.

Instagram | @makeupbycorey

She is for sure feeling herself!

17. Even just enhancing the features you already have is powerful enough.

Instagram | brightcrystalwedding

She glows in a completely new way!

18. Sometimes just evening out your skin tone is all you need.

Instagram | @makeupbygloriia

This whole look is a mood! I love the bold lip with her icy blue eyes.

19. Sometimes makeup makes you look like a completely new person!

Instagram | @indyreneemua

Of course, makeup doesn't change you, though.

20. This woman looks like she snapped her fingers and suddenly her makeup was done!

Instagram | @looksbykatiness

If only that were the case!

21. This look was done for her 50th birthday.

Instagram | @houseofbellamie

What a way to celebrate! I love the vintage-inspired style.

22. From plain to wow in just a few minutes.

This lady looks like a showstopper now. Again, it's hard to believe this is even the same person after this transformation.

23. All that shimmers is gold. And speaking of shimmer, how do you like this makeup transformation?

I think she looks absolutely stunning here. This is definitely a glam look.

Truth be told I wish I was more skilled when it comes to applying makeup.

So I definitely appreciate what all the talented makeup artists do. Kudos to them.

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