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Orlando Jones Was Fired From 'American Gods', Says It Was 'Nasty And Evil'

Wow, nasty and evil, those are words you don't hear every day.

Wait, was the show nasty and evil, or was the firing nasty and evil? Because we really need to know which one it is.

Mostly so we can determine whether or not we have to feel all that bad for you.

So Orlando Jones has been fired from 'American Gods'.

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He played Anansi, the African Trickster God (a.k.a. Mr. Nancy) and apparently he was fired from the show because showrunner Charles Eglee didn't like the message his character was sending.

Orlando Jones came out with this video:

Explaining that he had been fired all the way back in September!

But it doesn't stop there folks, because Jones says that the new white man running the show doesn't like the message Anasi sends out to black Americans.

Fans were flabbergasted.

They cried to Twitter, imploring Orlando Jones to "say it ain't so".

But Orlando assured them that it was all true. And that the way they fired him was especially "nasty and evil".

No word from Starz (the people who produce the show) yet.

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And no words as to how the firing was "nasty and evil", but we will keep you posted as more news comes in.

One thing is for sure: Twitter is not happy about this.